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Economic Good, Economic Growth


The Good news; Philippine attracted more investment. from 3 billion dollars to 6 billion dollars. This would mean more jobs, more products, and more money to the rich pinoys.

The Bad news; poverty has increase. from 23% to 25%. it means there is no inclusive growth. The poor is not benefiting from economic growth.

This year the economy is expected to grow by 6.2% and since the country have been on around 7% growth since the Arroyo administration, the poor Filipinos should already start to enjoy the growth. (Economic planners are saying we need seven years of continued growth of about 7% per year to really have an impact on the economy. )

Given, however, the present governmental setup, where the central government sucks up all the revenues and allocate the juices unto themselves and favorites, the poor specially those in the provinces will have nothing left. Most of the resources, including the foreign funds, could be found in the hands of the central government. The poor don’t know a thing or existence of such funds. The poor does not know that in banks these days are financial capital waiting to be exploited.

One of the problem the hampers the used of this capital is the knowledge of how to access them. Another one is the lack of collateral which most banks requires before one would be granted a loan. Another hindrance are the paper works. Every borrower, small and big, are required to produce voluminous documents such as BIR payment records to prove once paying capability, bank statements, and such. These are papers which banks says are necessary requirement because they want to be sure that the borrower can really pay the requested loan. The new borrower, specially the poor ones don’t have enough record to show yet. They are new remember. How can an upstart have the BIR record, the bank statement?

The government have legislated some solution to this problem a way back. The solution given was for the government agency to guarantee the loan, but what happened to that law. I don’t know. It is still difficult to borrow money from the banks, and the government guarantee is nowhere to be found.

If only the the government could help make ease the access of these loans, more poor people will benefit from economic growth. If the micro entrepreneurs can have access to these huge capital, it would really transform the economic landscape of this poor country of ours. Micro entrepreneurs comprises more than 90 percent of all businesses in these country but only have about 10% impact on the economy due to their microness (smallness). These micro entrepreneurs are the poor people who already on the move upwards. These are the poor who are ready to take this country to the next level we all are waiting for. Help them. Let the bank make those exemptions. Let the angel investors come. (This could also be legislated, like making these kind of investment as expense, so it becomes tax deductibles.)

Help the poor have access to these huge capital,  allow them to make a huge participant in this economic transformation, let them be the answer.


Posted by: luvin | February 16, 2015

Federal Alternative


BBL is in danger of being dump to the marsh. The least we can expect of it is a watered down version. Now the almighty politicians, the all knowing government people, the holy cows that make things happen here in this damned country the Pearl of the Orient Seas -The Philippines are working with their eyes open. Yeah people, don’t be hoodwinked in believing what Pnoy and his people will tell you.

The moro problem never left us when Uncle Fidel signed an agreement with brother Nur. An agreement with a lot of promise to transform Mindanao. Well, brother Nur have a dream, of building a 8 lane circumferential road in Sulo. Forgetting that there are not enough cars in that part of Mindanao. (Anyways, that was just a dream).

As fast, or even faster, than the evaporation of the dream was the transformation of Hashim Salamats group into a more formidable force all intent to carve out a separate state in Mindanao. And the suffering of the people (specially their people) continued. They too have their dreams, based on the promising minerals in Liguasan Marsh, the MILF leaders dream of another Malaysia, or perhaps Brunei. A separate state that will live perpetually out to the revenue from natural gas believed to be in abundance in marsh situated in between the provinces of Cotabato, Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat.

The truth is (as shown in tv footages) that oil is already flowing even from the land occupied by leaders of MILF. For those who have yet to be educated about Mindanao, large Oil Palm plantation covers vast hectarage in Central Mindanao, even before the BBL could finally see light.

The Bangsa Moro domain would not be unlike a federal state within a state. A very ideal solution, a win win solution for both parties. The moros who dream of carving their destiny their way will finally have their chance.

Their’s a catch somewhere, their is a big disheartened group who are equally fed up with the present system of governance. No, I am not talking about that small group called BIFF, for I know another group would eventually evolve from that terroristic group, maybe with a name of MIFF. The group I am talking are the disgruntled non moros.

The Mindanaoans from Zamboanga, Cotabato, Sarangani, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudara, Lanao, Davao, Iligan, who all suffer tremendous losses in term of lives and opportunity because of this tragedy and the hundred years of neglect. Who says it is only the moros who are suffering. The christians, the lumads, too, are suffering.

For so long, Emperial Manila have treated the people of Mindanao like shit. The people of Mindanao are already capable of sound governance. Mindanao have many leaders who are capable of transforming this country. Now is the time for it to be given the opportunity, in thesame vein that the moros are given the opportunity to be their own master.

This is also an opportune time to also give Federalism a chance. If this chance could be given to our Muslim brothers, why not the non Muslim. The world will be much better if there is equal chance to everyone.

It is my prayer that our responsible members of congress, from the upper to the lower house should see the wisdom of this shift. Now is the time for the long waited federal shift. Let us not allow the 178 families to govern this country. They have their chance, yet the result is the same slow slide to the bottom.

I can only imagine the pull Davao will do for Mindanao once it controls 80% of its tax collection. That would be a lot of financial muscle that could pump prime this island into greatness. And there are other places with strong financial capability like, Gen Santos City and the provinces of Sarangani and South Cotabato, the Zamboanga Penisula, the Cagayan-Iligan corridor which could do wonders for Mindanao. The national government does not need to waste so much of its resources. Let the locals do their share in transformation. Let them help their fellow Mindanaoan.

With a federal setup, there is no reason why investors from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia will not come in. Mindanao has a lot of potential, and already we are in AFTA era which would make their entry even easier. Let us give the federal alternative a chance.

Posted by: luvin | December 14, 2014

The New Bangsa Moro and the Northern Snub

The immediate good from this effort to establish a new moro government in lieu of the ailing ARMM is the spring of hope it sprinkles on the minds of its people. Many of the people from Mindanao are hopeful that this new experiment will finally bring peace and possible progress in this land of promise. I am hoping, too, even with the recent bombing in the towns of M’lang, Pikit, Kabacan, and the bus bombing in Maramag Bukidnon. I am still hoping it will turn for good even after all the warning that have been provided to those people by the river and those who crafts our laws have been ignored. I am still hoping for something positive even when my voice was never heard.

To begin with, I am in favor of a new set of government for the moro people to be administered by their leaders in the manner which are in accordance with their customs, tradition and religion. But I am also against the move by some power holders from the north to continuously weld control on this southern part of the Philippines. Years have already gone, and many minds have already grown equal to the best that Northern and Central Luzon could offer. So many from Mindanao are now educated enough, learned enough  to hold their own against the challenges of this world. The northern snub should stop.

In one public hearing for the proposed BBL held in Midsayap,  Cotabato, one glaring problem occured. Some leaders spoke of their desire to opt out of the proposed BBL which is to replace the old ARMM. Those leaders came from a town belonging to ARMM who have already experienced the difficulties of such a governmental set up. The town of Wao in Lanao have already spoken, and they don’t want to be part of this new set up. They want to be part of North Cotabato. Another wrinkle  with this BBL is this, for those who are already part of the old ARMM and who wants to get out, is there an exit mechanism for them. Of course this is already a very late move from the leaders of Wao. The die is cast. And in a caste system, your in for a long haul.

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Why I will vote for Rody Duterte

Why I will vote for Rody Duterte (if ever he runs for President) is not just because he is from Mindanao.

It is not only because he inspires people to be law abiding citizens.

It is not only because he is against drug lords, robbers or smugglers.

It is also because, he has the character and the courage to be different yet a very effective leader.


Our country needs someone like Rody. Our country needs a man who thinks  outside the box, and the Philippines is long in search for a leader like Duterte  who have shown he could not be contained by the long ingrained governmental limitations. He find ways, and that is exactly what we need if our country is to get out of this rot.  Rody Duterte epitomizes the kind of leader that would transform this country into full development.


I will vote for Duterte because in him I have seen someone strong enough to make a stand, and strong enough to break the mold.

At present we have a dysfunctional governmental system patterned after the Americans’ but run like hell by Filipinos. And hell it has become. This has been the root of our misery and it needs more than just a root canal to remove this decay.


I will vote for Rody becaue he has the experience,

He have a proven track record,

He is not perfect, but I don’t know if he owns a hacienda,

And most importantly,

he is not beholden to those powerbrokers in Makati, Ortigas and Alabang.


“These days we could use some “extraordinary personalities” (and this could be Rody Duterte) if we are to make significant progress in our attempts to recover lost ground. It may be too much to hope for a Lee Kuan Yew to emerge from among our national leaders. But perhaps we would be able to accomplish a lot more if some of our local government units are headed by individuals with the drive, the intelligence and the integrity of Singapore’s founding father. Ten or 11 mini-Singapores throughout the country, providing similar degrees of public order and personal security, cleanliness, observance and enforcement of national and local rules and ordinances in the respective communities, would make a lot of difference for the nation as a whole” from Ramon Farolan.








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Lost Souls and a Foolish Cause

It is disheartening, to say the least, that after so many years and so many lives lost due to bombings and war, and after two signed peace treaty, first with the MNLF and now with the MILF, the killings hasn’t stop.

There are lost souls and there are  criminals. Last night the town plaza of Mlang was bombed causing two deaths and injuries to 17 others. Last week the overpass in Kabacan town was also bombed which resulted to 2 dead students and 16 injured civilians. Several weeks earlier, General Santos City also experience a similar incident.  Those who did this atrocious and cowardly act are criminals nothing less.

What do these people want?. They are fighting a lost battle, and the manner by which they carry on their fight is cowardly, and if there are any sympathy left, their recent beastly act have dissipated it all.

What kind of ideology there is that would rationalize killing as a legitimate means to push one’s agenda. If they have not yet lost their souls, surely they have already lost their minds. They are destroying the very basic tenets of being  human. For whom then are their effort?  The more people are being wounded or killed with those bombs, the more hatred they are planting in the hearts of the people who do not believe in their advocacy. The same hatred that created them criminals.

When MILF and GRP signed a peace of paper for the peaceful settlement of grievances, the people, specially we here in Mindanao are ecstatic. Slowly our dream of a peaceful and soon prosperous Mindanao is finally dawning. There are some doubting Thomases, of course, but we ignored their warnings, we never listened because we are hopeful that the peace accord will do wonders. But truth to be told, a small group criminals can indeed cause so much trouble and turmoil. “We have told you already. These terrorist activities will not stop because they are not covered in the treaty. And another group will start another bombing adventure because they want to be included.  And the cycle of death continues.


I am really saddened and disturbed by this incident.

A need for a revolutionizing idea? Like what? If Mindanaoans are to be asked  who they would like to have as president, how many would say they want A bad, Butch is is his name, to be their president?

Some over eager senator, to become President of a beleaguered country so in need of a leader with new ideas and greater courage-courage needed to think and act outside the box- than all the Presidents in the past, perhaps, are trying their much to hype up the overpriced building issue built around Makati. The opposing camp, not to be outdone, are hurling thesame rotten banana

Overpriced building are nothing new. This is actually thesame as overpriced roads, overpriced medicines, overpriced counting machine, overpriced imported rice, overpriced ambulance….the list would be kilometric. Don’t these senators know that many villages in the hinterlands of Mindanao have no concrete classroom yet. Don’t these senators know that many schools that were destroyed by typhoons and floods have yet to be repaired. Of course they know, they are omniscient.

I have long turned off my signal to this kind of news bytes, but to my annoyance, the giant media outlet, the info couriers of the world wide web kept on  plugging these rotten tomatoes into every stream there is. It is now everywhere, and it is not easy to get away with these negative images they are creating. Negative images that have no positive impact on my life and the lives of many Filipinos.

Should I label them stupid? of course not, as I have written earlier, they are omniscient. Sometimes though, human fallibility takes its natural course, people forget or easily swayed astray. Over eager to make a Ferrari out of a carosa (a wheel less cart drawn by carabao or cow),  filipino leaders are trying to duplicate America’s land of milk and honey. They are trying a remake of the American dream here in the Pearl of the Orient Sea. But this is not to be, and never will be under the present circumstances.

Over priced building are nothing new. It will not move the country into a revolt or progress. The intelligentsia needs to come up with something better. It needs to spark the pile dynamites kept in the hearts of the poor Filipinos  Filipinos don’t need a new driver or a better driver. We need a new car, or better, a new vehicle. We need a new set up. Filipinos don’t need the present system that have failed him for over a century now.  Under the present system, the future of this country is as dark as the night, mas madulum pa sa alkitran. The slide is unabated, and it is still going down. We could watch it die of natural death, and hope that in another life, a new nation will be born.

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Dayong And Tapo

Dayong and Tapo are one of those communal practices in Central and Southern  Philippines. In the tagalog regions, there is a similar term and more popular in context, it is the “bayanihan”.  Dayong and Tapo are bisaya words. The literal meaning of Dayong is for several people helping each other carry a heavy load. It is very similar to bayanihan, with a little twist that it is a practice for the dead.  Tapo is also for the dead, but with specific function for the food. Literally it means to put together.

Visiting some wake, specially in the Boholanon and Cebuano communities, the usefulness of this practice is very evident. There are groups assigned for  wake preparation, there are those who are assigned to be present during the night, some for the preparation of the grave. In the less fortunate community, committee for trapal (makeshift tent) are even created. This practice makes burying the dead an easier task. And in the far flung communities where modern services is still unknown, this is still the norm.

However, even in more advance places these practice nowadays is being exploited by some enterprising businesses. They are now spearheading the organizing and management of these communal practice so that expenses for the coffin, and related burial expenses will be covered earlier. An old mortuarial insurance practice resurrected in the modern times.

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Ga tulok,

sa pag panglimpyo,

nga daw ga kuskus

sa iya nga koko.


Ang akun pag ginhawa,

naga dalum, nga naga dalum,

napuno, nga napuno,

sa imo ka…



manago na lang ako.

indi ko na ag hulaton,

mag mala dugo ko.

Posted by: luvin | November 2, 2014

Undas, Traffic and Taxes

This holloween  practice is also known as “All Hollow Eve.”  Maybe it does not mean this practice is all hollow. In the modern times, specially in christian counties,it is more a practice of remembering the dead relatives. In the Philippines we remember the dead all year round.  There is the one year death anniversary, the 40 days, the 9th day. Even the birthdays of the departed are still celebrated. Why on earth should remembering the dead still needs another specific date?  The present practice however is more of a reunion, a time to keep in touch with one’s root, which makes this practice sound justifiable.

In some oriental countries, remembering the dead have another date and a different twist. If horror movies or scary look is for the western people, in the orient it is the sticky food and family reunion.  In the Philippines we have the scary look and the sticky rice cakes. Indeed, our’s (culture) is a mixture of snow and fruits.

We filipinos are into Undas that traffic jams every major road of the metropolis. The major roads going south and the other going north appears like a huge parking lot with the thousands and thousands of car seemingly parked on the road.  The national leadership sees this, of course as most of them also travel to their provinces to light a candle to their departed’s graves, which makes them understand the shout of anger from the citizen about this traffic.

I also tried to live a life in the big city, but the time spent on the road discouraged me. So I packed my bags and returned to the province to live a more laid back life. In the city, one has to leave early for work but still would be on the road for two to three hours before reaching the office. The same amount is to be spent going home which amounts to about six hours spent on the road. This is one reason good reason why every one living in the Metro Manila should have a descent car. The time spent inside the car are almost thesame amount spent inside their houses.

To solve this mess, the national government needs to build more roads, widen the road, build another road on top and another road below. But where should it get the money for those projects. Of course the poor pinoys needs to taxed more, and more, and more. Even those living in the far flung barangays needs to donate their sentimos so that the national government can build more roads in Metro Manila.


Posted by: luvin | October 20, 2014

Why Rody?

The clamor for Rody Duterte to run as President of his country is reminiscent of  stories of great  leaders in our history.  The warring tribes of Mongolia comes to mind. During those times, there are many dynasties fighting each other. It has become the survival of the fittest which eventually resulted to chaos. Mongolians have become robbers, tricksters, and whores. Many of their lands were controlled by few strong handed leaders, Chinese invaders, and  greedy merchants.

This is also the case in the Philippines. The country is now under the control of greedy merchants. The economy is controlled by Chinese sounding names. Robbers and tricksters are now in the business of governance.  Whores ply their trades in the halls of power.

It was during this time of disenchantment when a man named Temujin (also called Digongjin) rose from captivity to save his people. He later became the great Genghis Khan.


In the modern times, somewhere in Southeast Asia, an island ravage by mosquitoes rose from poverty to become the financial hub of the region. Singapore’s past is also replete with hatred and confusion.

Here is how wikipedia descrives Singapore then.  “the two years that Singapore spent as part of Malaysia were filled with strife and bitter disagreements. The Malaysians insisted on a pro-Bumiputera (Malay for indigenous) society, where indigenous Malays and tribes were given  special rights. The Malaysians were also suspicious of Singapore’s ethnic Chinese population, and worried that Singapore’s economic clout would shift the centre of power from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. There were also linguistic and religious issues. The Singaporeans, on the other hand, wanted an equal and meritocratic society, a Malaysian Malaysia where all citizens were given equal rights without regard to indigenous or tribal affiliation or ancestry. The Malaysian Parliament blocked many progressive bills, bringing Singapore’s economic and social development to a halt. Race riots broke out in Singapore.


Lee Kwan Yew came into the picture and under his baton, transformed Singapore to a modern model of governance.  Lee is also a strong handed leader, some even called him a dictator. But what has become of Singapore is far more important than those criticism. Davao city is in similar vein. Mayor Duterte has his own share of human frailties, but what has become of his city is far more important than those criticism.


There are insights  that the people have learned from Genghis Khan and Lee Kwan Yew.


Normal people love to have a peaceful abode. Filipinos abroad are already tired, and they want to go home. Those who were left in the Philippines are already disenchanted, and they want to move forward.  Regularly bombarded with negative happenings in his/her country, the Filipino spirit  is weak, the mind is at a loss of what to do.


The status quo holder wants to have their old ineffective way (which works only in strengthening their grip to power), while the regions are clamoring for more leeway. The moros of the south have been fighting for decades, and the natives from the north are also asking for more.   Those in the center sees their corrupt lieutenants as the scourge who destroys the very essence of governance.  It is they who build mansions and  haciendas out of people’s meager contribution.  For so long, we have tried to get rid of these parasites but with little success. Ours is simply a microcosm of past events in history.


Our brothers and sisters abroad wants to go home now. Toto, inday, nene, dodong cries day and night for the time to come when ma comes home, never mind the chocolate. These are desperate times. We need a new Khan, and it’s you who we believe can do it. Please take our cudgels. fight for us.


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