About Me

I am a Filipino. A Mindanaoan. A Cotabateño. One time in my past, I had the experience of writing in the traditional medium. I also tried my pen in literary sense, but for reasons beyond me, I never really made it beyond the literary workshops and a newspaper column that lasted for about a year. My formal training is in science (chemistry, at Silliman and USM), my interest is in economics, sports, business (because I’m a micro-entrepreneur). The lengthiest manuscript I have scribbled is a training book on mountain biking which is a result of researches and experiences, used for my son’s training as a competitive  mountain biker. Not at all close to a book that I once dream to write. (Just like every young and aspiring writer, I also dream of writing my opus that will shake the world).

This blog is about my pains and aspiration as a Filipino, and my struggle as a Mindanaoan. About the Filipino who is pained with his struggles in the global arena, and the pain of a Mindanaoan, who struggles for attention within his country.

I am a mindanaoan born and raise here in Mindanao. The memories of my youth, from the forested land of the past, the warring years of the blackshirts and ilagas, the bombings and uprisings in the 80’s, and the blooming of Mindanao in the late 90’s, were mostly culled from this promise land.

For those who may find my work useful, please feel free to use it.

Luvin Bibit Candari



  1. great blog. just wondering where can we find the official copy of the controversial moa between grp and milf. I am a mindanaon too and will be directly affected by the so called agreement entered by these two groups. thanks.

  2. the way you talk it seems your a muslim

  3. Dear Luvin Bibit Candari,

    I from Manila and left after high school (1966) for California. I’ve been to Cotabato city three times to do research on the Kampilan and Sundang. I’ve met a few young MILF guys at the rotonda and became my friends. Currently I’m still doing some research on the bladed weapons of Mindanao. Would it be possible to email me? for more discussion? It’s nice that a Maguindanaon is doing some blog on his culture…….. Cecil

  4. We share the same passion about Mindanao. I, too, am a Mindanaoan…

  5. We share the same passion about Mindanao. I, too, am a Mindanaoan…

  6. Happy to see a fellow Mindanaoan blogger!

  7. Hi! I am not a Mindanaoan but i have many friends from Mindanao. Though there is a gap between some Christians and some Muslim brothers, me and my friends, are affected by those gaps. We remain friend for so log now. I felt your sentiments and prayers for Mindanao. I found your blog so touching and you have may prayers friend. Peace in Mindanao! Peace in the Philippines!

  8. Post Script (corection): We, my Mindanaon friends are not affected… We remain friends…….

  9. i think you’re a true blue son of Mindanao, never afraid to voice our thoughts…you’re a brother…long live Mindanao!

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