Posted by: luvin | July 7, 2016

Revenue Story 2

As I glossed over the data from BIR, NSCB, and the DBM, I’ve unearth so many figurative anecdotes very supportive of the proposal to shift to a Federal System.

NCR’s revenue collection at 1,152 billion pesos is far bigger than the rest of the country combined which is a mere 183,325 billion pesos. Almost a trillion peso disparity. The key contributor with this are the Large Tax Payers (LTP) and the Excise Tax Services (ETS) which are at 757,340 billion pesos. Almost 70% of NCR’s taxes comes from LTP and ETS.

This data tells us that a big portions of governments lifeblood (the tax) comes from the big business and the ultra rich Filipinos. There are two groups of them, the old landed rich whose money are rooted from sugar, land rent, logging. In short they became rich by exploiting our natural resources. The second group are the Tycoons, the chinoys whose wealth came from hardwork and business skills. The conglomerates they own do business all through the country.  These are the people who are enjoying the 6 to 7 percent economic growth. Why is this so?

The government is telling us since time immemorial that there is not enough money for everybody. Though this reason is no longer acceptable at this time still 26% of Filipinos remain poor.



Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR)  contributed to the national coffers a measly  4,325.82 billion.  They are in the same company as Zamboanga Peninsula which contributed 4,349.08 billion pesos and CARAGA which contributed 3,806.53.  These are the host to most of the country’s mining industry. And these two regions are prominently present among the poorest regions in the company of ARMM, MIMAROPA, Eastern Visayas, SOCCSSARGEN, and Bicol.

And how are the funds allocated per region. We will not examine the Departmental Budget allocation because we already know that it almost becomes discretionary. When a DA Sec is from Tarlac we expect more Agri projects to fall into the  lap of his kababayans. It is no different with our Senators. Just take a look at the projects Sen. Drilon poured in Iloilo, in the same manner that Enrile poured resources to Ilocos during his heydays.

The saving grace is the institutionalized share most commonly know as IRA or Internal Revenue Allotment. Luzon minus NCR got 192,468 billion pesos. Visayas-81,823 B php. Mindanao-117,436B php.


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