Posted by: luvin | July 4, 2016

Government Transactions and Federalism

Since we are now in a Federal shift mode, let us deconstruct this idea brick by brick, evaluate the idea a bit at a time.

There are pros and cons. I will not limit my study on the good only, for surely there are pitfall which advocates must be wary of.  But this must not be the deterrent, rather we must try to find solutions to what ever obstacles that may crop up ahead of this journey.  This has already been a long struggle for change, and this shift to a Federal system is the ultimate change that could happen to this country.

The last couple of years we have experience power disruptions and the reasons given was due to strong demand and there are just not enough supply. The worst situation is in Mindanao where the main source is now considered old. I can not understand why the government would wait for the power plant to malfunction before it builds a newer plants, or why don’t the operators of these power plant do a regular maintenance, but that is not the point here.

Mindanao is a land endowed with so much natural resources, those rivers crisscrossing Mindanao are resources begging to be exploited. If all Mindanao LGU’s that have a river nearby (certainly there are many) would build their own mini hydro plant, a  bright side will emerge from  this rather dark energy shortage.

Under the present government system, is this doable? Maybe yes, with so much greasing along way it could be done. Any new entry into this endeavor will easily agree that it is not easy to get the permit. Can you imagine what happens with those application as it dives deep down the bureaucratic ocean? There are so many sharks waiting to get a taste of your flesh. Some are not even content to bite a bit, there those who would like to swallow you in whole. Many of these application won’t come out alive.

This happens when the governmental set up is huge, the tentacles-the so called measures against corruption- are the very same tentacles becomes the obstacles that allows the evil to flounder. In a Federal system, the applicant must contend with a smaller foe. The decisions are made locally so it won’t that much difficult.

The people also will be aware of this kind of transactions and they can actively be part, or they can held their leaders accountable easily.


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