Posted by: luvin | June 15, 2016

Killing the Bandits

Murder is unacceptable in a humane society. The same goes with its synonym, killing. But when eliminating some bad elements in society, our dogmatic view of killing would be distorted. “Killing the bandits” would appear to be acceptable. Of course it is legal when done within the legal framework, but how about when achieved through  vigilantism or an eye for an eye perspective?

Let us take a look at the recent beheading of the Canadian hostaged by the Abu Sayaf. The international as well as the national community are outraged by the beheading. Would the United Nation shout in high heavens of inhumane act if some group, or even the government, exert enough effort to exterminate this group. The Government of course has the manpower and the logistical power to pursue these vermins and dump their souls into the armpits of hell.

There are a few hundreds of them left, and the intelligence community knows who they are, where they are holed, who they are with. They are vulnerable, and they could be killed in mass or one by one. But if done in this manner, can our moral sensibilities accept this incidence? Shall we be tolerant to these kind of killing, but intolerant to the salvaging of druglords?



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