Posted by: luvin | February 16, 2015

Federal Alternative


BBL is in danger of being dump to the marsh. The least we can expect of it is a watered down version. Now the almighty politicians, the all knowing government people, the holy cows that make things happen here in this damned country the Pearl of the Orient Seas -The Philippines are working with their eyes open. Yeah people, don’t be hoodwinked in believing what Pnoy and his people will tell you.

The moro problem never left us when Uncle Fidel signed an agreement with brother Nur. An agreement with a lot of promise to transform Mindanao. Well, brother Nur have a dream, of building a 8 lane circumferential road in Sulo. Forgetting that there are not enough cars in that part of Mindanao. (Anyways, that was just a dream).

As fast, or even faster, than the evaporation of the dream was the transformation of Hashim Salamats group into a more formidable force all intent to carve out a separate state in Mindanao. And the suffering of the people (specially their people) continued. They too have their dreams, based on the promising minerals in Liguasan Marsh, the MILF leaders dream of another Malaysia, or perhaps Brunei. A separate state that will live perpetually out to the revenue from natural gas believed to be in abundance in marsh situated in between the provinces of Cotabato, Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat.

The truth is (as shown in tv footages) that oil is already flowing even from the land occupied by leaders of MILF. For those who have yet to be educated about Mindanao, large Oil Palm plantation covers vast hectarage in Central Mindanao, even before the BBL could finally see light.

The Bangsa Moro domain would not be unlike a federal state within a state. A very ideal solution, a win win solution for both parties. The moros who dream of carving their destiny their way will finally have their chance.

Their’s a catch somewhere, their is a big disheartened group who are equally fed up with the present system of governance. No, I am not talking about that small group called BIFF, for I know another group would eventually evolve from that terroristic group, maybe with a name of MIFF. The group I am talking are the disgruntled non moros.

The Mindanaoans from Zamboanga, Cotabato, Sarangani, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudara, Lanao, Davao, Iligan, who all suffer tremendous losses in term of lives and opportunity because of this tragedy and the hundred years of neglect. Who says it is only the moros who are suffering. The christians, the lumads, too, are suffering.

For so long, Emperial Manila have treated the people of Mindanao like shit. The people of Mindanao are already capable of sound governance. Mindanao have many leaders who are capable of transforming this country. Now is the time for it to be given the opportunity, in thesame vein that the moros are given the opportunity to be their own master.

This is also an opportune time to also give Federalism a chance. If this chance could be given to our Muslim brothers, why not the non Muslim. The world will be much better if there is equal chance to everyone.

It is my prayer that our responsible members of congress, from the upper to the lower house should see the wisdom of this shift. Now is the time for the long waited federal shift. Let us not allow the 178 families to govern this country. They have their chance, yet the result is the same slow slide to the bottom.

I can only imagine the pull Davao will do for Mindanao once it controls 80% of its tax collection. That would be a lot of financial muscle that could pump prime this island into greatness. And there are other places with strong financial capability like, Gen Santos City and the provinces of Sarangani and South Cotabato, the Zamboanga Penisula, the Cagayan-Iligan corridor which could do wonders for Mindanao. The national government does not need to waste so much of its resources. Let the locals do their share in transformation. Let them help their fellow Mindanaoan.

With a federal setup, there is no reason why investors from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia will not come in. Mindanao has a lot of potential, and already we are in AFTA era which would make their entry even easier. Let us give the federal alternative a chance.


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