Posted by: luvin | December 14, 2014

The New Bangsa Moro and the Northern Snub

The immediate good from this effort to establish a new moro government in lieu of the ailing ARMM is the spring of hope it sprinkles on the minds of its people. Many of the people from Mindanao are hopeful that this new experiment will finally bring peace and possible progress in this land of promise. I am hoping, too, even with the recent bombing in the towns of M’lang, Pikit, Kabacan, and the bus bombing in Maramag Bukidnon. I am still hoping it will turn for good even after all the warning that have been provided to those people by the river and those who crafts our laws have been ignored. I am still hoping for something positive even when my voice was never heard.

To begin with, I am in favor of a new set of government for the moro people to be administered by their leaders in the manner which are in accordance with their customs, tradition and religion. But I am also against the move by some power holders from the north to continuously weld control on this southern part of the Philippines. Years have already gone, and many minds have already grown equal to the best that Northern and Central Luzon could offer. So many from Mindanao are now educated enough, learned enough  to hold their own against the challenges of this world. The northern snub should stop.

In one public hearing for the proposed BBL held in Midsayap,  Cotabato, one glaring problem occured. Some leaders spoke of their desire to opt out of the proposed BBL which is to replace the old ARMM. Those leaders came from a town belonging to ARMM who have already experienced the difficulties of such a governmental set up. The town of Wao in Lanao have already spoken, and they don’t want to be part of this new set up. They want to be part of North Cotabato. Another wrinkle  with this BBL is this, for those who are already part of the old ARMM and who wants to get out, is there an exit mechanism for them. Of course this is already a very late move from the leaders of Wao. The die is cast. And in a caste system, your in for a long haul.


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