Posted by: luvin | November 25, 2014

Why I will vote for Rody Duterte

Why I will vote for Rody Duterte (if ever he runs for President) is not just because he is from Mindanao.

It is not only because he inspires people to be law abiding citizens.

It is not only because he is against drug lords, robbers or smugglers.

It is also because, he has the character and the courage to be different yet a very effective leader.


Our country needs someone like Rody. Our country needs a man who thinks  outside the box, and the Philippines is long in search for a leader like Duterte  who have shown he could not be contained by the long ingrained governmental limitations. He find ways, and that is exactly what we need if our country is to get out of this rot.  Rody Duterte epitomizes the kind of leader that would transform this country into full development.


I will vote for Duterte because in him I have seen someone strong enough to make a stand, and strong enough to break the mold.

At present we have a dysfunctional governmental system patterned after the Americans’ but run like hell by Filipinos. And hell it has become. This has been the root of our misery and it needs more than just a root canal to remove this decay.


I will vote for Rody becaue he has the experience,

He have a proven track record,

He is not perfect, but I don’t know if he owns a hacienda,

And most importantly,

he is not beholden to those powerbrokers in Makati, Ortigas and Alabang.


“These days we could use some “extraordinary personalities” (and this could be Rody Duterte) if we are to make significant progress in our attempts to recover lost ground. It may be too much to hope for a Lee Kuan Yew to emerge from among our national leaders. But perhaps we would be able to accomplish a lot more if some of our local government units are headed by individuals with the drive, the intelligence and the integrity of Singapore’s founding father. Ten or 11 mini-Singapores throughout the country, providing similar degrees of public order and personal security, cleanliness, observance and enforcement of national and local rules and ordinances in the respective communities, would make a lot of difference for the nation as a whole” from Ramon Farolan.









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