Posted by: luvin | November 23, 2014

Lost Souls and a Foolish Cause

It is disheartening, to say the least, that after so many years and so many lives lost due to bombings and war, and after two signed peace treaty, first with the MNLF and now with the MILF, the killings hasn’t stop.

There are lost souls and there are  criminals. Last night the town plaza of Mlang was bombed causing two deaths and injuries to 17 others. Last week the overpass in Kabacan town was also bombed which resulted to 2 dead students and 16 injured civilians. Several weeks earlier, General Santos City also experience a similar incident.  Those who did this atrocious and cowardly act are criminals nothing less.

What do these people want?. They are fighting a lost battle, and the manner by which they carry on their fight is cowardly, and if there are any sympathy left, their recent beastly act have dissipated it all.

What kind of ideology there is that would rationalize killing as a legitimate means to push one’s agenda. If they have not yet lost their souls, surely they have already lost their minds. They are destroying the very basic tenets of being  human. For whom then are their effort?  The more people are being wounded or killed with those bombs, the more hatred they are planting in the hearts of the people who do not believe in their advocacy. The same hatred that created them criminals.

When MILF and GRP signed a peace of paper for the peaceful settlement of grievances, the people, specially we here in Mindanao are ecstatic. Slowly our dream of a peaceful and soon prosperous Mindanao is finally dawning. There are some doubting Thomases, of course, but we ignored their warnings, we never listened because we are hopeful that the peace accord will do wonders. But truth to be told, a small group criminals can indeed cause so much trouble and turmoil. “We have told you already. These terrorist activities will not stop because they are not covered in the treaty. And another group will start another bombing adventure because they want to be included.  And the cycle of death continues.


I am really saddened and disturbed by this incident.


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