Posted by: luvin | November 15, 2014

Overpriced Buildings? And the need for a revolutionizing idea.

A need for a revolutionizing idea? Like what? If Mindanaoans are to be asked  who they would like to have as president, how many would say they want A bad, Butch is is his name, to be their president?

Some over eager senator, to become President of a beleaguered country so in need of a leader with new ideas and greater courage-courage needed to think and act outside the box- than all the Presidents in the past, perhaps, are trying their much to hype up the overpriced building issue built around Makati. The opposing camp, not to be outdone, are hurling thesame rotten banana

Overpriced building are nothing new. This is actually thesame as overpriced roads, overpriced medicines, overpriced counting machine, overpriced imported rice, overpriced ambulance….the list would be kilometric. Don’t these senators know that many villages in the hinterlands of Mindanao have no concrete classroom yet. Don’t these senators know that many schools that were destroyed by typhoons and floods have yet to be repaired. Of course they know, they are omniscient.

I have long turned off my signal to this kind of news bytes, but to my annoyance, the giant media outlet, the info couriers of the world wide web kept on  plugging these rotten tomatoes into every stream there is. It is now everywhere, and it is not easy to get away with these negative images they are creating. Negative images that have no positive impact on my life and the lives of many Filipinos.

Should I label them stupid? of course not, as I have written earlier, they are omniscient. Sometimes though, human fallibility takes its natural course, people forget or easily swayed astray. Over eager to make a Ferrari out of a carosa (a wheel less cart drawn by carabao or cow),  filipino leaders are trying to duplicate America’s land of milk and honey. They are trying a remake of the American dream here in the Pearl of the Orient Sea. But this is not to be, and never will be under the present circumstances.

Over priced building are nothing new. It will not move the country into a revolt or progress. The intelligentsia needs to come up with something better. It needs to spark the pile dynamites kept in the hearts of the poor Filipinos  Filipinos don’t need a new driver or a better driver. We need a new car, or better, a new vehicle. We need a new set up. Filipinos don’t need the present system that have failed him for over a century now.  Under the present system, the future of this country is as dark as the night, mas madulum pa sa alkitran. The slide is unabated, and it is still going down. We could watch it die of natural death, and hope that in another life, a new nation will be born.


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