Posted by: luvin | November 14, 2014

Dayong And Tapo

Dayong and Tapo are one of those communal practices in Central and Southern  Philippines. In the tagalog regions, there is a similar term and more popular in context, it is the “bayanihan”.  Dayong and Tapo are bisaya words. The literal meaning of Dayong is for several people helping each other carry a heavy load. It is very similar to bayanihan, with a little twist that it is a practice for the dead.  Tapo is also for the dead, but with specific function for the food. Literally it means to put together.

Visiting some wake, specially in the Boholanon and Cebuano communities, the usefulness of this practice is very evident. There are groups assigned for  wake preparation, there are those who are assigned to be present during the night, some for the preparation of the grave. In the less fortunate community, committee for trapal (makeshift tent) are even created. This practice makes burying the dead an easier task. And in the far flung communities where modern services is still unknown, this is still the norm.

However, even in more advance places these practice nowadays is being exploited by some enterprising businesses. They are now spearheading the organizing and management of these communal practice so that expenses for the coffin, and related burial expenses will be covered earlier. An old mortuarial insurance practice resurrected in the modern times.


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