Posted by: luvin | November 2, 2014

Undas, Traffic and Taxes

This holloween  practice is also known as “All Hollow Eve.”  Maybe it does not mean this practice is all hollow. In the modern times, specially in christian counties,it is more a practice of remembering the dead relatives. In the Philippines we remember the dead all year round.  There is the one year death anniversary, the 40 days, the 9th day. Even the birthdays of the departed are still celebrated. Why on earth should remembering the dead still needs another specific date?  The present practice however is more of a reunion, a time to keep in touch with one’s root, which makes this practice sound justifiable.

In some oriental countries, remembering the dead have another date and a different twist. If horror movies or scary look is for the western people, in the orient it is the sticky food and family reunion.  In the Philippines we have the scary look and the sticky rice cakes. Indeed, our’s (culture) is a mixture of snow and fruits.

We filipinos are into Undas that traffic jams every major road of the metropolis. The major roads going south and the other going north appears like a huge parking lot with the thousands and thousands of car seemingly parked on the road.  The national leadership sees this, of course as most of them also travel to their provinces to light a candle to their departed’s graves, which makes them understand the shout of anger from the citizen about this traffic.

I also tried to live a life in the big city, but the time spent on the road discouraged me. So I packed my bags and returned to the province to live a more laid back life. In the city, one has to leave early for work but still would be on the road for two to three hours before reaching the office. The same amount is to be spent going home which amounts to about six hours spent on the road. This is one reason good reason why every one living in the Metro Manila should have a descent car. The time spent inside the car are almost thesame amount spent inside their houses.

To solve this mess, the national government needs to build more roads, widen the road, build another road on top and another road below. But where should it get the money for those projects. Of course the poor pinoys needs to taxed more, and more, and more. Even those living in the far flung barangays needs to donate their sentimos so that the national government can build more roads in Metro Manila.



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