Posted by: luvin | October 20, 2014

Why Rody?

The clamor for Rody Duterte to run as President of his country is reminiscent of  stories of great  leaders in our history.  The warring tribes of Mongolia comes to mind. During those times, there are many dynasties fighting each other. It has become the survival of the fittest which eventually resulted to chaos. Mongolians have become robbers, tricksters, and whores. Many of their lands were controlled by few strong handed leaders, Chinese invaders, and  greedy merchants.

This is also the case in the Philippines. The country is now under the control of greedy merchants. The economy is controlled by Chinese sounding names. Robbers and tricksters are now in the business of governance.  Whores ply their trades in the halls of power.

It was during this time of disenchantment when a man named Temujin (also called Digongjin) rose from captivity to save his people. He later became the great Genghis Khan.


In the modern times, somewhere in Southeast Asia, an island ravage by mosquitoes rose from poverty to become the financial hub of the region. Singapore’s past is also replete with hatred and confusion.

Here is how wikipedia descrives Singapore then.  “the two years that Singapore spent as part of Malaysia were filled with strife and bitter disagreements. The Malaysians insisted on a pro-Bumiputera (Malay for indigenous) society, where indigenous Malays and tribes were given  special rights. The Malaysians were also suspicious of Singapore’s ethnic Chinese population, and worried that Singapore’s economic clout would shift the centre of power from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. There were also linguistic and religious issues. The Singaporeans, on the other hand, wanted an equal and meritocratic society, a Malaysian Malaysia where all citizens were given equal rights without regard to indigenous or tribal affiliation or ancestry. The Malaysian Parliament blocked many progressive bills, bringing Singapore’s economic and social development to a halt. Race riots broke out in Singapore.


Lee Kwan Yew came into the picture and under his baton, transformed Singapore to a modern model of governance.  Lee is also a strong handed leader, some even called him a dictator. But what has become of Singapore is far more important than those criticism. Davao city is in similar vein. Mayor Duterte has his own share of human frailties, but what has become of his city is far more important than those criticism.


There are insights  that the people have learned from Genghis Khan and Lee Kwan Yew.


Normal people love to have a peaceful abode. Filipinos abroad are already tired, and they want to go home. Those who were left in the Philippines are already disenchanted, and they want to move forward.  Regularly bombarded with negative happenings in his/her country, the Filipino spirit  is weak, the mind is at a loss of what to do.


The status quo holder wants to have their old ineffective way (which works only in strengthening their grip to power), while the regions are clamoring for more leeway. The moros of the south have been fighting for decades, and the natives from the north are also asking for more.   Those in the center sees their corrupt lieutenants as the scourge who destroys the very essence of governance.  It is they who build mansions and  haciendas out of people’s meager contribution.  For so long, we have tried to get rid of these parasites but with little success. Ours is simply a microcosm of past events in history.


Our brothers and sisters abroad wants to go home now. Toto, inday, nene, dodong cries day and night for the time to come when ma comes home, never mind the chocolate. These are desperate times. We need a new Khan, and it’s you who we believe can do it. Please take our cudgels. fight for us.



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