Posted by: luvin | October 6, 2014

Just Another Political Drama

2016 is coming, it is just the next day after tomorrow, time flies so fast, that we will never notice one year will have pass.

Political personalities, again and again, will unfold their dramas on tv and online. And the poor pinoys will again be the willing audience and victim to this never ending (and paulit-ulit) telenovela. hahay, when shall we ever learn.

Again we are hoping the knight in his shining armor will rescue us from misery. Again we hope this time the leader with heart for the country will emerge, he who is the messiah sent from heaven. The question I would like to pose is this; sya nga ba?

Filipinos are already disenchanted. Hopelessness prevails beyond the cover of noninclusive economic growth. This will again trigger yet another diaspora, specially with the coming 2015 ASEAN integration. We cannot blame humans for fleeing a rotten place. We had this kind of public sentiment in the 80’s.

This disenchantment was also experience by Filipinos during the Marcos reign and had its tipping point in the post Ninoy Aquino assisination. During those times, when hope dwindles so swiftly with daily dose of negative news, the search for a new leader outside the recycled political names were also the cry of the day. Unfortunately, our system unearth a leader that would led this country to one of those darkest moment in Philippine history (since electricity was invented). Which brings us to the present, of yet another day of political mud slinging, and more political moro-moro. If by stroke of faith a clone of Lee Quan Yew becomes the next President of this country, and who could established a new government with a new system of electing leaders, (not one based on personalities but by party or otherwise, voted wisely by electoral collage perhaps and not by general election of ignorant voters who were prone to manipulations) that is perhaps the fresh start that may unmake this country.


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