Posted by: luvin | October 1, 2012


In my earlier post, I querried; how to choose the right leader? Now that election circus is about to barnstorm the villages, it is high time to get an answer.

Leaders are so important in our lives because most mortals can’t do without them. True leaders are instrumental in so many of mankinds conquests. But many pseudo leaders have also damaged societies, destroyed many lives, while harping to the world how pure their intentions are, if not how pure they are.

We filipinos have this unfortunate practice of electing the wrong person in office. Our history is replete with this mistake that we keep on repeating every election day. From Batanes to Tawi-tawi, we see leaders who proclaim and claimed progress to their local fiefdom, which in reality are still chained in the quagmire of poverty.

Looking at the lives of our choosen leaders, we will certainly see an improvement in the economics (or financial capabilities) for most of them that has happened during their incumbency. Which only shows some signs of skill. If they can improve their lot, they can also improve the lives of their constituency. This is also proof to the claim that most of those who run for public office are capable people.

With that success (in their personal affairs) to show, we can only sigh and say; “if only they will pay attention first to the problems that besets the poor, if only they will put the country first,…..perhaps Philippines is a better country now, perhaps there are few OFWs, perhaps there is no filipino diaspora.”

So how shall we know that the leader who is buying our votes will attend his people’s needs first?

Choosing the right leader is perhaps the wrong question if we are hoping to see great transformation to happen. But around the country there are pockets of miracles worth mentioning.

In Naga the late Jessie Robredo showed us the way, his cousin Gov. Lray Villafuerte is alsodoing a splendid job in Camarines, in Davao the Duterte’s are making all the right moves, so did the Fernando’s in Marikina, the Antonino’s and Domingues in General Santos and Saranggani. If these leaders can do it in their little kingdoms, it could also be replicated in other towns, cities and provinces.

Benchmarking their practices, methodologies is not a very difficult job to do. If those who are in power are receptive to these ideas.

Receptiveness, however, is too frail to ignite a revolutionary transformation. What we need for a moment are leader with great vision, coupled with great execution skills. Spoting these qualities is like seeing gems among the rocks.

It is never easy but,if my sole vote would be enough to elect my leader, then I would be looking for someone with the less vice (if the candidate with no vice is not available), of course I will be voting for a person with high intellectual quotient (both analytic and emotional), the key question I will be asking is, “What can he/she offer? does he/she has the experience to manage people, does he/she has the character not to be enfluenced by vested interest.

In a nutshell, I’ll be looking for candidates who are:

1. With less vices.
2. With the best education (experiene will suffice)
3. With a good vision (a good plan).
4. A person who surrounds him/herself with people who are far intelligent than he/she is.



  1. This will Help us choose! Amazing!

    cdo adventures

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