Posted by: luvin | September 16, 2011

ARMM Polls and Posturing

It is now official, the Palace can not appoint (in this case Hajiv Hataman) a new governor for the ARMM. First they postponed the election for what ever shallow reason they could contrive, then they postured to solve the problem in ARMM by appointement, as if  a new appointment and a new date for election will solve the problem.

Who are giving legal advice to P-noy? He is getting one reprieve after another from the Supreme Court. This is pathetic. Will this kind of legal ineptness provide a sound solution to the age old Mindanao problem? I hope the  brilliance of Marvic Leonen will be the saving grace here.

ARMM governance is know for corrupt practices, and the we all know about it. It only shows that something is sooooooooooooooo wrong with this system. It is now up to Congress to review it.  (And this is not only endemic in ARMM but likewise in many other impoverish regions or localities.)


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