Posted by: luvin | September 12, 2011

What’s bugging the Peace Process?

The MILF rejected the proposal from the national government. They cannot find any connection with the proposal and their struggle. The 3 n 1 proposal from the government chief negotiator Marvic Leonen does not answer the needs of the moro people. Could this be the result of an expression stemming from the mind of an intellectual who has little emotional and historical attachments with Mindanao. It is regrettable that the government negotiating team has only one Mindanaoan representing the entire island. Why should this be the case? We have been shouting this before and we will repeat it again; “let there be enough representation, let there be enough representatives from Mindanao, allow Mindanaoans to negotiate for themselves.


One bug came out during one of the many discussion regarding the moro problem. We all know, and most will agree that the federal structure will answer the demands of the moro group as well as the prayers of the non moros from Mindanao.  But this will never come into reality because negotiators from  Luzon will never allow it to happen. “What will happen to Luzon? We can not allow Luzon and the rest of the country to go hungry?”  So Mindanao will forever be doomed, to be the milking cow of politicians, the milking cow of Metro Manila, the bread winner for Luzon, or worst, the medal giver for our brave soldiers.


Why don’t we asked the Mindanao leaders how they would solve the problem?  The government negotiators keep on saying that they are in constant contact with the different sectors that are affected with this problem, so this is why comments coming from Lobregats, and other Cruzes of Mindanao are labelled as peace spoilers.


Mindanao problem is a political problem so it  needs a political solution, like dividing ARMM in two. One to be governed by the MNLF, and the other by MILF.  (Umbra Kato will also asked for his share so we national government are obliged to give in and give him Liguasan Marsh. Funny but it is pretty obvious that the MNLF will be left behind in this approach, and more funnny for Leonen and company to think that they can have their way without the other group arming themselves to gain political leverage. This has happened before, and it will happen again if the P-noy administration will resort to that kind of political arm twisting. They should not underestimate these moro intellectual who they think are a bunch of idiots leaving in Liguasan Marsh. These peole are educated in the best schools not just in the country but in the best universities around the globe.  Perhaps some of the minds behind the P-noy admin is so familiar with Harvard, but we can always asked Adel Tamano if he knows a Mindanaoan moro studying in Columbia University or Harvard U. He can definitely tell.


I can fully understand why the MILF will reject such proposal, and I can only agree. Although there are also some points that I don’t agree with them. One of those is the EXCLUSIVITY that they are asking for. When a peace accord is reach, always attached to it, is a clause that allows a moro EXCLUSIVE right to govern. This is the goat that gets the bile of the christians. For it is pretty clear as midday that most christians  will never allow their future to be manage by moros. This distrust should be address by the negotiators for the simple reason that there are areas dominated by christians but are included in the demanded domain. This is a cultural problem unique in Mindanao, and never undestood by those from Luzon. Mindanao christians don’t hate their muslim brothers, they’re just quarelling. People here in Mindanao settle our differences the hard way, is that difficult to understand?


The economic carrot that is attached with the 3 n 1 proposal is bogus, for how in the world can this bankrupt government finance economic undertakings in Mindanao? If they plan to borrow money to finance it, then by all means arm the Mindanaoan leaders the personality and legal means to negotiate for loan and other financial assistance from more affluent countries. Another thing. Even with the pittance that this Manila centric government  have provided Mindanao, progress is coming, and is coming strong. The Mindanao economy is now strong that it no longer needs the assistance of Manila to progress.  ARMM and some other region may be poor, but other regions can compensate for that. The economy of Davao, Bukidnon, Zamboanga, Soccsargen are more than enough to stimulate growth in Mindanao. This is something that Mindanaoans is now realizing, and they are now  slowly believing in themselves.


As a Mindanaoan am I disheartened that no peace accord is reach yet? No. As long as Mindanao keeps on improving, with or with out the peace document, it is OK.


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