Posted by: luvin | September 8, 2011

My long absence

I,m back after a long absence.

Before I go into my favorite topic, Mindanao, let me explaim my absence. (to justify my writing it here).

Last January 3, I suffered a heart attack, and for several month, I have to struggle to regain my strength. luckily I did. the last two or three months, I slowly regained my desire to write again, not unlike during the first three month of my illness when all I could do was watch tv, surf the net, but do nothing which needs effort, for nothing interest me. I really do not have the desire.

Now I could write again, but I have to watch my vital signs, I have to watch my blood pressure, I have to watch my heart rate. I have to avoid activities that would cause me so much distress. I have to exercise religiously,

Am I half dis abled? no. I don’t feel I am. But I have to be on guard. Be defensive all the time. No more alcoholic drinks, no more excessive fatigue, no more late nights, I even have to give up my biking. (I do walking instead, as my form of exercise). Most importantly, I have to learn to love resting, doing nothing but let the days pass and enjoy the coming of every bright morning.

Now I am starting to enjoy what they called life.


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