Posted by: luvin | September 13, 2010

Not Another Afghnistan

Peace at all cost, is a simple phrase but it drew so much flak for Marvic Leonen. Where is the controvesy?

The search for peace in Mindanao has taken many turns. Approaches came in many colors and designs, but still nothing, nada.

We almost have it during the time of Misuari and the Ramos administration, with the creation of ARMM. But then it only solve half of the problem. It turned out, to Manilan’s dismay, that the hydra is a two headed monster, and that cutting off one head only resulted to the metamorphosis of a bigger, more united and determined group. We have it again during Arroyo’s time, but then the people of Mindanao, not the muslim group, shouted to high heavens, and the Supreme Court listened.

The moro group have already have proven their mettle. Niloko ni Marcos, Pinulbos na ni Erap, at tinapos  ni Gloria, and still they are here in our midst demanding for fare shake. So this is perhaps the predicate of the Marvic Leonen statement.

Let’s talk peace, they say that is the way forward. But some people are wary that another Memorandum of Agreement might result to a chorus of angry men. Balkanization of the country might be the end cost, and Philippines (reads; ignorant oligarchs from Manila) can not afford a country divided. Let the Philippines remain united yet poor and undeveloped amidst the wranggling from the south (the cousins of Marx, not Grouko, and all the sons and daughters of Mao with their bleeding heart, included).

Let there be peace at all cost, and if it needs amendment to the constitution, so be it. But please let us have peace not in the midst of fire and exploding bombs. Let us have peace with houses intact, not churches and mosques in tatters.

Some group may bring peace through the gates of the white house, but let us not forget the Iraq devastation. They brought peace and damage the whole country.

Let us have peace at all cost, but please let not Mindanao be another Afghanistan.


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