Posted by: luvin | August 5, 2010

Success according to SNOWBALL

Well written, that’s the lest that I can say. Sometime the writer would wax poetic.

“The mountains stood silhouetted against the July stardrift in the thin evening air. Silently the driver picked his way through the winding hills. The road unreeled before them, mile after mile, rows of trees passed like pilgrims climbing to the foothils above.

Who would imagine the events happening in that chapter. That was one of the saddest part of  Warren Buffett’s life.

What made Warren Buffet?  It is not much about his wealth, but more about how he got it. He even find it ironic for people to have “the urge to worship the rich and famous.” 

For him, “the purpose of life is to be loved by as many people as possible among those you want to have love you.” 

Ironically,  inspite of this realizations, when face with difficult sitiuation, Buffett would normally decide according to monetary returns….”if you asked him if he wanted to be the richest man on earth-with his whole heart, he would have said, Yes

There are five variable, beyond winning the ovarian lottery that he would often mention, that made him.  1. Passion or desiire. He really have that passion to be rich.  This passion was backed by the second variable; 2. Preparation and study. “He sat up nights studying hundreds of thousands of numbers…”He read every word of several newspapers each morning and scucked down the WWall Street Journal like his moring Pepsi…” And he is si, 3. Focussed. “He ruled out paying attention to almost anything but business.  And related to this; 4. he operated withing his circle of competence. 5. He developed a network of people, who may help him achieve his goals.

Can we become as successful as Buffett or Bill Gates? If I have to borrow the candor of Jack Welch and speak with the honesty of Warren Buffet, I would say; if you are not born with the genetic code that would make you successful, you will never be a success. If you are born in the hinterlands of Himalayas, your chances of success is not thesame as the one born New York..

Genetic Endownment

These are the uncontrollable, but bridgeable, ingredients of success.  A person must be born with with the correct genetic code. Buffet and Gates are extremely smart kids to begin with.  And they are extremely studious. They study, and study hared enough.

How could they do it? Easily we would say, they just have it. As Garri Kasparov would explain, “the capacity to do hardwork is talent in itself.” But it is also because of environmental encouragement. 

Environmental Factor

This is the second ingredients that Buffett would often like to say he have won the ovarian lottery. He was born in the United States, that’s it. There is another environment that allowed him to  achieve his potential, like  the provervial seed, he was planted in a rich soil that allows him to grow into a giant that he is today. His family environment encouraged him to become him.

This is something for the parents to know. It is not just our testosterone that determine how beautiful our kids would become, it is also how they grow in the richness of our homes.

The controllable Ingredients. The Bridging Program.

It is in our homes that dreams are planted, where they are encouraged to dream of great things. It is sad that parents sould limit their children’s  reach by preaching them their limited dreams. How many parents would like to say to their children, go study, so that someday you may find a stable job.

1. Dream (Passion, desire, ambition, whatever)

2. Education (Preparation, training, study,),  should be made in conjuction to one’s passion. You may have the talent to write, but you are studying chemistry. The laws of thermodynamics will never help you learn how to write better.

Many of us dream to be rich someday, but most of us dread the idea of reading, of studying.  Hardwork is not only manifested in the world of work, it should also be in the preparation, in training. Lance Armstrong won seven Tour de France title because he trained hard for it, year long.


Buffets was never into other endeavour. It is just his business,  it is just Berkhire, even to the exclusion of his family’s needs..That singular focus is very important. When Warren and Bill Gates where once asked what they think made them successful,  the common answer is focus.

There might be other more important ingredients, or less important ones, we may not find it in Buffett’s life, but certainly, there are lessons to learn from him.


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