Posted by: luvin | May 23, 2010

Unsolicited Request for incoming President Noynoy

Please, this early form a group of adviser who will call a spade a spade. These people could be the true intelligentsia who do not want to work with the government, the academics whose intellectual honesty and pride is more valuable than the best cars in the market. They may become your not so powerful group, for practically they should not be embroiled in the tag-of-war for power, but they might prove to be your saving grace in the end.

The spoils of war is now being divided, and the generals will now try to get the biggest chunks, and the foot soldiers the crumbs. This is normal in every electoral victory. Soon you will find your self surrounded by consultants and pseudo advisers. Soon your time and energy will be consumed managing their conflicting interest, your hands will be full managing the battle between  vested interest  and people’s interest, that may even end up as a battle between vested interest and greedy interest.

Please do it before the foxes establishes the cordon sanitaire that sometimes limits a leaders connection with his people.


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