Posted by: luvin | May 9, 2010

A Bright Dawn

Today the Filipino people will mark another milestone in their lives. I will come out and participate in today’s election, not necessarily because I am so enamored with one candidate, or that I am yellow with fear (so I have to come out and vote to fight yellow fever). The very reason is the automated election.

For so long, we have been shouting to high heavens to find solution to this age old shenanigans that stole our right with regards to our choice of our leaders. Now we have it, finally. Congratulation to the Melo team of the COMELEC, and the authors of the automation law, specially Teddy Boy Locsin ( who is trully admirable here) and Richard Gordon. This is a big step in the right direction, although it is very apparent that in the battle between the mind of the people and agenda setting media conglomerates together with their vested partners, regarding the selection of the best leaders seem to be inchoate.

Next election, I hope to see more improvements. I would like to see an end to the trending tactics done by survey firms to condition the mind of the people. Perhaps our fair minded election commissioner, our legislators will put a stop to this practice. Publication of these results should be prohibited one month before the election day. Because in the matter of selecting the best leader, the clue as to who is the leading choice does not equate to election of the best candidate. Another is the dysfunctional senate. We should find ways to correct their malfunction. We already have enough national problems, just to have THIS-HONORABLE senators waste taxpayers money on irrelevant investigation. Also in matter of representation, if senate cannot accept its demise, then they should mutate into something useful and truly become the voice of the people. Each region should have their senators, 3 or 4 for each region, so that each region will be represented in the hollow halls of congress.

Another funny electoral chutzpah is the party system. Multi-party is good because it somehow allows other probable leaders to have a chance to realize their aspiration. But the sprouting of funny named Party, and all those party-list it should be stop before I move to also accredit myA  X-mas party, and you do with yourA B-day party. Perhaps we should limit this party to 4 or 5. And the government should allocate a specific budget for the campaign. Anyways, the pork of our tongressmen are allocated for electoral campaigning, the very reason why legislators should have their own allocation.

Next election, we should find a way to block the entry into the political mainstream the likes of Jingoy, Bong, Lito. Because if we don’t, there is a big chance that one of them will be our (God forbid)  next president.

I am happy though that we are inching towards a better Philippines, and sooner the bitterness will disappear and the exodus will stop, and Moses will come home, find his niche among the 7000 thousand islands. Sip coffee, while blogging, or facebooking.


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