Posted by: luvin | April 1, 2010


I cannot understand why we filipinos should be on penitence, is our sufferings not enough?

For so long, we have been under politicos who are inept, politicos who claims to be so good yet are obviously stupid and so greedy, so corrupt and so ignorant of what really matters for the poor.  Are the pains enflected upon us by these ignoramoses not enough for our sins. Are we not paying for their sins, too?

Now that election fever is very high again, we are again made to believe that these politicos are messiahs sent from heaven to save us from hell. Are these not people thesame people who pushed us down these hellish state? Are they not the sons of the leaders of yesterdays who should have established a better foundation, if they are trully great leaders, as their grandsons and PRAISERS, claim them to be? To name a few; Aquino, Marcos, Gordon, Teodoro, Madrigal, Roxas, Estrada, Legarda. These people are extensions of old oligarch who ruled thise damned country for so long, and what have their ancestors done? They have ruined this country, yet they claim to be the saviour. And worst. Their grandchildren are now offering themselves, to solve the problem that their olds have gifted the filipino people.

This is really painful. Thinking about this charade, thinking about this travesty, thinking about stupid politicos, is my penitence.

(And this is only about the politicos, I haven’t mentioned the governmental structure they have established, that are designed to perpetuate themselves to power, and the rest of the filipinos tied to poverty and subjugation to their selfish whims. I haven’t yet mentioned the neglect of Mindanao, the classless treatment of Mindanaoans-who many have suffered unfair treatment from the far superior Manilan race.

I haven’t even mentioned the numerous priests, who claims to know the moral right, yet many of them are so sinful, and full of deceipt. So many of them are wallowing in shameful and immoral acts.

I will not make it any longer, because  the longer it goes, the greater is my penitence…, and I might overpay my dues, and their is a great danger of overshooting heaven).


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