Posted by: luvin | March 24, 2010

Who Will I Vote on 5102010

I am a Mindanaoan, and this blog is for my aspiration for Mindanao. For so long, this island is not getting its fair share of the pie. I will repeat it again, and again in the future, until Emperial Manila listens, or until Mindanao is strong enough to ignore Manila. Mindanao only gets around 11% of the national budget for its 60 plus percent contribution to the national wealth.

This is one reason why the Mindanao is suffering from 12 hours regular blackouts. This is one reason infrastructure is still a dream in so many far flung barangays. And still so many poor people. Because the money that should have gone to Mindanao have been hijacked by Manila Cartel. Because the money for Mindanao have been distributed to the few in Makati.

For so long, the person who occupies the palace by the polluted river, is not really significant for the people of Mindanao. Because it does not really matter. Whoever sits at the throne, Mindanao will still get pittance. We will still get the crumbs. Because we are not really filipinos.

These pains and aspiration for Mindanao to fully attain its potential will be my main reason for choosing my next President. Of course I will choose the most qualified. Of course I will choose the most credible. But then Mindanao’s desire is the more compelling reason.

It is for these reasons why I will choose the leader who will most likely deliver the long awaited structural reform that will free this country from the claws of the few.

Also lost in the confusing campaign spins, are the pragmatism that should be greatly considered. Will corruption disappear if Noynoy wins? Of course not. Corruption that has become a way of life for many fillipinos will still be a big problem. What has become cultural in hundreds of years  will not disappear with one legislative act.

Villar will never solve the poverty problem during his term. Not even the housing problem that is with in Villar’s expertise will not be wipe out in six years.

The judicial flaws will still be there even with Teodoro’s  brilliant mind. Judges could still be bought, justice will still be denied to many.

This morally deprived society still has a long way to go, no matter who wins this presidential contest. That is sad, but that is real.

Only two among them talks about charter change (Gordon and Teodoro), and it might be realized during the their time. My vote goes to Teodoro because he has a practical way of seeing things. Yes Mindanao will still get the crumbs, but Cebu may get the leeway it so desires. And if that happens, the domino effect will also fall down south. If Cebu becomes even more prosperous, then Mindanao will have a sister to look up to, it will have a model to follow. The Central Visayas format will show the way.

I will vote for Teodoro, not only because he espouses structural reform, but also because I believe that in times of crisis, in difficult moments, the leader who has shallow reservoir of knowledge has little chance of coming out with a good solution. Commonsense dictates that the leader who is more intelligent, who has more knowledge, will have a better chance of deciphering and seeing the better way among conflicting advices, of understanding the more effective means among the contradicting opinions of consultants and flatterers that will surely enfluence the leader.

If Philippines is a big business, and it is looking for an Executive to run its affairs, Villar, Teodoro, Gordon fits the bill. But then there is the structural problem that has fed these country to the greedy mouths of the elites, that needs to be address soon, and there is Mindanao that shouts to be heard, so it is Teodoro who offers a more optimistic chance. My vote will go to Gilbert Teodoro.


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