Posted by: luvin | March 11, 2010

Peace and Development

There so much assumption in that phrase; Peace and Development. It is the idea sold to us by Peace sellers. An idea that has deeply rooted into our subconscious.

But are Peace and Development conginital twins? Can’t Development be attained under the cloud of conflict. My observation here in North Cotabato is of the opposite. That; economic development could still be achieve even under heavy rains of bullets and bombs.

Mindanao is bombarded with negative image, that the conflict between the Moro seperatist and the government is the main reason for the islands under development. The conflict to be strict though, is located mainly in central mindanao, where economic growth could be observe, albeit not in the whole region. Most of the christian dominated areas are enjoying the fruits of their labor, I will not speak for the other part because they, too, have their spokespersons to explain the pains and aspirations.

There are growth areas in Central Mindanao. General Santos City is at the forefront, South Cotabato, North Cotabato, Sarangani and a couple of small cities, Koronadal and Kidapawan, that are experiencing phenomenal economic progress, are clear examples of economic development under conlicting ideologies.

It shows that under the present condition, even without the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, a lot could still be done.

The MILF and the national government could focus on many of these things during Arroyo’s last four months.


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