Posted by: luvin | February 3, 2010

Why I will not vote for Noynoy Aquino?

Why I will not vote for Noynoy Aquino? It is not because he is from Liberal Party. (for the record I voted for Jovy Salonga when he run for president under the Liberal party, even if I am certain that he will not win, because I think he is the most qualified candidate then); It is not because he represents the perpetuation of political dynasty, that even the less qualified runs because they have the political capital and the name recall to capitalize on, (because I also voted for Tanada ); It is not because he is the epitome of traditional politics, even when they are mouthing change, for the real alternative politics is offered not by the dominant party, (but by the likes of Nicanor Perlas or Ang Kapatiran) It is not because I abhore those people that surrounds him like Abad and Drilon who have their share of power with past and present administrations but have done so little to improve the lives of their people (even in Batanes or Iloilo, puro lang tikal waay man nahimo), because I still hope with the likes of Acosta. It is not because he is the personification of another elite proclaiming to continue the fight for the poor, because Noynoy is a full blown elite, blue and blue; because I think Mar Roxas even if he is as elite as Noynoy, still evokes positive vibes. My reasons are not so complicated. I think Noynoy will not stand a chance against manipulators that surrounds him. His honesty will be no match to the flatterers and whisperers, whose only interest are to collar big contracts from the government. His utterances with regards to the structure and system of government, is not even motherhood statements eloquently articulated. I believe that base on the personality that advices him, the Philippines will have the same banana if ever by mistake he becomes the next president of this belleguered country. My reasons are simple. I do not want another Cory in the making. I do not want a repeat of the Josip Istrada mestik. One of my reasons; I want a candidate that would offer a new chance base on a fresh ideas, not base on criticism about the failure of other people. Every administration have been pictured as the evil and criticism is no longer contributing a bit to national progress. I am looking for real leaders and good managers. And Noynoy don’t exhibit the leadership traits that I am looking for, and he have nothing to show of with regards to management skills. My reasons are simple. There are other candidates who have the better qualification in Teodoro and Villar, Gordon, then why should I settle for the less qualified candidate?



  1. sorry na lang po..nagsalita na ang susunod na lang po, kung sino ulit ang gusto nyo..salamat mga Filipino sa pagboto kay noynoy…

    • Let’s see if Noynoy will fulfill what he said during those election campaigns, if not he will not stay long as President. It’s true he’s not that qualified compared with the other presidentiables, in the likes of Teodoro, Villar & Gordon, who has already proven themselves in their past positions held with the previous government. As Noynoy said in his previous campaigns, that if their is cheating in the election will go to EDSA for protest, if he fails for President will march for his impeachment as President. So, he should try really hard to be a good President, para di magsisi yung mga bumoto sa kanya…

    • Let’s see if Noynoy will fulfill what he said during those election campaigns, if not he will not stay long as President. It’s true he’s not that qualified compared with the other presidentiables, in the likes of Teodoro, Villar & Gordon, who has already proven themselves in their past positions held with the previous government. As Noynoy said in his previous campaigns, that if there is cheating in the election will go to EDSA for protest, if he fails for President will march for his impeachment as President. So, he should try really hard to be a good President, para di magsisi yung mga bumoto sa kanya…

  2. People of the Philippines should not vote for any person who’s only popular. they should look at the profiles of each candidate and the past achievements. The media should help the people vote wisely by giving the real information to all the people of the Philippines without any bias. You are right about the other candidate like Gibo Teodoro, he’s a scholar since he was a child, and in Harvard University in US which is an IVY league School. Same thing w/ Gordon and Teodoro , they have all the skills of a leader. We also need a president that can represent us in the World Summit that meets the presidents of world. And that should be Gibo Teodoro or Manny Villar.

  3. Manny Villar is as evil as GMA. why would i vote for someone like him

  4. binoto ko erap, pero gusto ko din ky noy kay s ky villar maski hindi nnalo c erap ay masaya n ako kc marami p din nag mamahal s knya kysa ky villar

  5. in fairness, there are points worth noting. In public documents, or any text published fro public consumption (that is why it’s public)…it is wise to have someone edit one’s work. Luvin, please use “based” instead of base and “fresher ideas” imply plurality so we do not say, “base on a fresher ideas” but “based on fresher ideas” or “based on a fresher idea”. There are things in your work that need improvement. It should be “…he has nothing” and not “he have nothing”. As a whole, you write well and your ideas are good. Package them well and you’ll have a more powerful expression with the “pen”. Keep up!

  6. halost lahat ng pinoy, bumoboto hindi dahil sa galing ng kanilang iboboto, dahil siya ay popular……ang tanong…..are we idiots…

  7. me pruweba ba si noynoy kung ikukumpara kay Teodoro or kay gordon….But nanalo siya,,,dahil kay kris ba or dahil isa siyang aquino………ang tanong ………are we stupid

    • Pinoys in general are not stupid . . when they choose aquino to win . . . aquino won because he is the only candidate that real pinoys can see the light of hope to solve corruption . . . he is the only candidate who have no history of corruption compare with the other candidates . . . it is not that he is popular or he is the son of cory & ninoy & brother of kris . . .the real pinoys in general believes that corruption is the main cause of all their sufferings . . the rich pinoys are not the real pinoy . . . they just wear it as a mask to amass wealth . . .these rich maskerading as pinoys donot want the real pinoys to progress . . . for their own hidden agendas . . . ha!

      • Tama, yong mga candidato na natalo ay galing sa dati na government cronies walang mabuting gawin kung nananalo kung hindi mangurakot parin. Mabuti nalang at nato ni Noynoy dahil ilang taon nanaman ang pagtitiis nang mga mamamayang Filipino. God Bless Noynoy for his courage and determination I hope he can make the country more productive and prosperous.And he can make a big changes helping our country to improve the poverties. Stop the corruption. But He can not do it himself, we Filipino need to step up and help the new administration. Mabuhay ang Pilipino

      • Yes, you’re right, he’s not corrupt, but he has no accomplishment in his previous position as Congressman in Tarlac or as Senator. In his own Tarlac town, he’s not even admired, as what happened to Hacienda Luisita Massacre, has not yet been resolved, how much more when he becomes the President..

  8. Noy won the recentlyconcluded election simply because 13 million people or more (from the voting populace) thought he has the making of a good president…Everybody may be president but not everyone is destined to be one.. Obviously, Noy is destined… Making this country as progressive as possible is not the monopoly of a president.. It’s a responsibility of every Filipino…

  9. pasalamat po ako s alahat na Pinoy na bomoto kay Noy, dahil may pag asa pa ang ating bayan dahil si Noy ay may konsensinya pa at matalino………. nasa dugo yon ….at nasa dugo ni Noy na maging leder i pagdasal natin at mag tolongan tayo na para guminhawa na ang bansa natin
    salamat kababayan ko ginamit ninyo ang otak nyo sa pag boto

  10. pasalamat ako s ainoyng lahat n abomoto kay Noy at maligayang maligaya ako kami lahat diti sa Germany dahil nanalo si Noy may pag asa pa ang ating bayan talagang matinik na ngayon ang Pinoy marunong nang pumili sa dapat i boto

  11. masaya ako at nanalo si noynoy.may pag asa pa ang pilipinas.tigilan na ang korupsyon..bayan muna at si noynoy ang magbabangon sa bansa natin..sorry na lang ang ayaw sa kanya..kaya may election tayo.alam n ng mga pinoy kung pano bumoto ngayon..sana lahat ng gov’t agency palitan ang namumuno para naman maramdaman ng mga mamamayan ang pag babago..yong mga tao na may kakayahan at may takot sa DYOS…

    • Dapat mag appoint si Noynoy nang panibagong mga taohan nya sa kanyang administration dahil yang mga natira ay dating cronies walang magandang maitulong kay Noynoy kung hindi sirain lang ang pangalan nya dahil kung magnanakaw ka magnanakaw kaparin sa susunod na administration . Start fresh Noy for the sake of all the Filipino who voted you. Good Luck , God Bless and more power to you and the rest of your administration.

  12. if we don’t help the incoming president of our country we will not achive the changes we want and all our votes will be wasted..if our candidate did not win, do not add to the burden of our president in criticizing him. instead, let us pray that the president will do his best for our country to be a God fearing leader..Godbless

  13. Those who voted for noynoy are politically immature. Good character is not the only requirement to have a good president. Noynoy is weak. But anyway, he won. Let us just pray for his jourmey being the president. This is his challenge to prove me wrong.

  14. the people has spoken, isn’t this clear? wooohoooo! Go! Go! Noy!

  15. the way i see things here, pinoy are NOT WISE VOTERS.

    masyado lang nadadala sa uso mga pinoy, if not for kris aquino and if not for the death of cory aquino di naman mananalo c noynoy eh…

    kawawang pinas…

    ngaun, we will suffer dahil niluklok ng karamihan sa atin ang isa sa pinaka**** na pulitiko.

    id rather have a politician or president na nangungurakot pero maraming nagagawa sa bansa kesa ung WALA NGANG KINURAKOT WALA RIN NAMANG NAGAWA. ano daw un dba?

  16. Good character is not the only criteria when you choose a candidate for president. take note, this is not just a class president, this is a president – a leader who will “lead” a nation. and honestly and sadly speaking Noynoy is not suited for this position given that he can’t “lead”.

    I think we have to pause for a while to see the gravity and seriousness of what our country have become… noynoy acts like he knows everything when he wasnt able to pass a single bill during his term and now someone has to criticize him for not doing his homework.

    When you promise the people you will eradicate corruption, he has to be responsible for his words and actions because when people in doubt check his background and go back to his hometown to check how tarlac progressed for the last few years, is there any progress at all? is there something worth noting or boasting about? what have become of the farmers in hacienda luisita?

    Now tell me how can he clean the country if he can’t even clean his own backyard?

    Don’t get me wrong, but a citizen who dutifully pays her tax, i think i have the right to put him under scrutiny because when i did checked all the candidates backgrounds, My God! I can’t believe he was seriously running for president and amusingly got the votes of the majority.

    I still hope noynoy will prove me wrong. but given whats happening now that he’s suppose to lead a good example… what can i say but God help Philippines.

    • I agree with you jocel. I’m very much disappointed with our people. Noynoy doesn’t fit the job. I said so because first and foremost, noynoy has no personal conviction to lead the country. He was just used by those people who are starving for power.

  17. from the very beginning, i always wanted to vote for gibo (win or loose) coz he has the qualifications to lead our nation and i will never vote for noynoy coz he didnt prove anything yet. i thought noynoy was weak and unqualified to be the next president. BUT, i have to change my belief now. i need to welcome him as the new president coz majority voted for him. i need to wait for whatever good things he planned in leading this nation. i just hope that he will not let others “pretending to be good politicians” to manipulate him. Lastly, he should not use his powers for “revenge” to be dictated by the people around him. Go noynoy, prove me wrong!

  18. I dont also like Noynoy to be the President but I respect the people who chooses him and believe in him.

    Corruption is not the only problem of our country. high class education, improvement in agricultures, health, housing, food, job, low bill of electricity – areas which are most in need of major changes and development. Areas na mas kelangan ng atin mas nakakaraming kababayan.

    We shall not all blame corruption to Gloria Arroyo she may be ‘guilty’, but still not yet punished. Corruption is not done alone by Arroyo, corruption is being done sa mas mababang pamahalaan, ng mas nakakaraming nsa mababang kapulungan. Kahit ng senators, congressmen, governors, mayors, even ang barangay captain gumagawa din ng kabalbalan. What I believe Glorias mistake during her administration is that she did not solve the problem in corruption. Walang solusyon. She is busy in improving our economics, inviting investors around the world where in fact she is being full down by the problem of corruption, na ginagawa ng mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya.

    I totally agree with the concern of other Filipinos concerning with Noynoy leadership, because the President shall have a definite expertise in leadership. I really dont want another Cory or Erap type of President.

    Come to think of it, if we have no Cory or Erap as President, ano na kaya ang naabot ng ating bansa ngayon?

    How are we sure that Noynoy can solve the problem of corruption? Kung ang mga nakapaligid sa kanya ay mga corrupt? Kung yung mga nasa ibaba nya ang gumagawa ng alingasaw?

    Yan ang dapat nating abangan.

    Gibo is most competent in the position because of his Galing and talino. I really like him the way laid out his plans of the country. It’s very detail. I like how he wanted to clean the government, from goverment employees to the policy. How he would like to improve the sector of agriculture because he believe it is the primary needs to improve. Because he believe it is the source of our living. Isn’t true? Have our fellows realize, that we are importing rice, na dapat ay hindi? Na dapat ay tayo ang nag-i-export sa ibang bansa at tayo ang kumikita ng malaki? Other countries learned how to plant rice in IRRI, but in the end we buy rice from the countries na nagaral lamang dito sa ating bansa?

    I’m disappointed the way other people think of him just because he is part of Gloria party list. He was judged because of other people doing not because of what he did or what he can do.

    I do really hope that in this new administration, there is a new light and changes in our country. May Noynoy really put in action all promises he made during his campaign. I hope that the 15 millions of people who voted him as president will not be disappointed.

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