Posted by: luvin | December 31, 2009

First Day of 2010

As wise people often say; start the day right and everything will fall into its proper place.

Last year have been good to me, and mentally, I feel I won my battle against athrophy and economically, too, 2009 is not difficult.

Against athrophy.

I started playing chess again last February, and the result is good. Last week, I played in my third tournament, and I played relatively well. I lost a few games to the champion and the first runner up. But it is a good game against a player with a rating above 2000. I almost won the game which is indicative of my progress.

I am writing again, and I can feel the urge to write now. The writers blood is again flowing, and I can already see a lot of things to write about. 2010 is a political year, and I like to comment about politics, so this must be a good year to write, criticise and made social and political commentaries.

At the domestic site; the needs seem to be meet easier than the economic problem of 2009 seem to suggest. I made quite significant economic gains, and I think 2010 will bring even better harvest.

Happy New year to all.


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