Posted by: luvin | December 11, 2009


With the recent discovery of the Ampatuan weapons arsenal, wouldn’t it rational for the government to also disarm other warlords and big politicians who  arm themselves to teeth? If we are awed by the enormity of the guns seized from the Ampatuan’s, we can expect similar weapons from other warlords. Many big names in Mindanao, not only politicians have armories. The military knows about it. If you are a big farmer, and you have a farm near Maguindanao, your business will not survive if you will not arm your people. That’s a fact.

One of the most contentious issue regarding in the peacetalks is the proliferation of arm in Mindanao, and not one personality pointed out that for peace to be have in this land of promise is for these firearms be surrendered. The disarmament of the Ampatuans is a big boost towards the attainment of peace in Maguindanao, ARMM, and Mindanao as a whole. But the MILF, too, the NPA’s have guns, so are the MNLF, former MNLF commanders who turned politicians, even the Mangudadato’s. The Pinols, Cagas, del Rosarios, Sema, Tans, Talino, etc. The list would go up north of the Philippines.

The Ampatuans is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more. The government have shown the capacity to disarm, so why limit disarmament with the Ampatuan’s? Disarm Kato, Brabo and their cohorts. The government can do it, they have shown the capacity to do it.


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