Posted by: luvin | December 7, 2009

Pacquiao VS Mayweather

When Pacman fought Hatton I never bothered to make any prediction because I thought Hatton is easy to hit.

When Pacman fought Cotto, I did not lift my finger, for a prediction not necessarily because I find the fight evenly match that it make prediction a very tough task, but simply because I was just not motivated enough to react.

I made my prediction though when Pacman fought Dela Hoya because of the size and wieght disparity. Although I hope that Manny would win in that fight, I was having second thought about that because I don’t have any bases to predict a victory since it was the first time that Pacquiao is fighting a boxer as good and as big as Dela Hoya. The result of the fight went almost as I predicted it. (I have it posted somewhere here).

Now that Pacquiao-Mayweather is almost certain to happen, I find my self on the edge, and I can’t help but make my prediction. This only shows how the Pacman have methamophose into somebody that can not simply be ignored, but also it shows how irritatingly attractive Mayweather is. I may hate him for his trash behavior, or I may like him for his boxing skills, but the result is thesame, I react whenever he fights.

So how do I foresee the result of the fight? A win for Pacquiao, of course. People may not believe me, but Nostradamus whispered that Pacquiao will knockout Mayweather in the seventh round. That is my prediction which is not exactly although similar with my wish.

My wish is for Pacquiao to knockout Mayweather in the seventh round or less, and the punch that would prove my friend Nostradamus right, would be a left straight to the mouth of Mayweather.

How would the fight progress; In the first round, Mayweather will naturally run, and Pacquiao will try to catch him but very cautiosly. The first round will be feeling out round.

Second round; Mayweather will again be on defensive trying to counter Pacquiao, who is trying to be more agressive. The Mayweather jabs will be very effective, and Pacman will realize that aggressiveness is not enough to win against a defensive fighter of the Mayweather caliber.

Third round will be similar with the second round, but this time Pacman is able to close the distance, though Mayweather is still very ellusive. However, Manny could occationally hit Mayweather, and sometimes Floyd  could trap in the ropes.

In the fourt round; Pacman will hit Mayweather with some strong left, but would not hurt him. Mayweather on the other hand will counter Pacquiao, and would stun him occassionally. It would become obvious though that Floyd’s power is not as strong as Cotto’s. And Manny will be more assertive.

In the fifth round, Manny will hit Mayweather with a right hook in the head, and a folloup left will floor Mayweather. After the mandatory eight count, Mayweather will survive by running away.

The sixth will be survival round for Mayweather, but Pacquiao will still hit him from time to time. But at the end of sixth round, it is clear that it is a matter of time for Pacquiao to finally put a D on Mayweather’s ledger.

By the seventh round, Floyd Mayweather Sr. will finally see his son on the mat.


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