Posted by: luvin | December 3, 2009

Presidential Debates

Last night and the night before I was watching presidential debates that attended by serious presidential contenders. Two opposing media networks organized the said debates which many voters and observers viewed as a chance to know the presidential contenders better.

However, it is unfortunate that our multi party system limits the effectivity of the debate. Rebuttal is difficult to effect because of the numbers of speakers, and the time limitation limits the exhaustive discussion on specific and important matter. Although it offers them the opportunity to showcase their stand, knowledge and understanding of certain issues, I can not help to think if the candidates indeed are discussing issues, or they are simply selling canned goods.

Most of them are essaying motherhood statements, apparently rehearsed, and most do not respond directly to questions asked. Maybe it is because they are not listening or that they have memorized their lines so much that even if it does not relate to the question, they tend to answer partially the question and eventually sway away to canned speech.

One of the most interesting remarks are made regarding reproductive health. Presidential candidate are having a hardtime navigating the answer. I do understand that the presene of priests and nuns in the audience are puting too much pressnre on them, but I expect them to have a firm stand on the issue, which most of them don’t have. Those who already made their stand in earlier interviews, seem to forget what they told us. They are flip flopping.

It only shows how formidable is the catholic church in determining the outcome of election. And this is not only true in national election but equally true in local elections. Fortunately, the Iglesia Ni Cristo does not meddle too much in this regard. It is obvious that politicians are not yet ready to crossed sword with their priest.

Which only tells us of two things. One is that this politicians, although most are corrupt, are still afraid that their souls would go to hell (an idea that most politicians would normally reply; “to hell with that idea”). The most acceptable explaination though, is that these politicians are just pragmatic, and they know that their priest holds the key to the elective position.

So with the way the catholic church are flexing its muscle, and the way most presidential and local candidates are behaving, we could expect population explosion in the next few years to come. If today we are already inundated by the effects of climate change, soon the effects of over population will drown us to death.



  1. You have a very nice article and good reflecton. I would like to think that these hypocrite candidates are still “Catholics” in a sense that they’re afraid to lose that identity.

    God bless.

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