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Why I will not vote for Noynoy Aquino!

Why I will not vote for Noynoy Aquino?

It is not because he is from Liberal Party. (for the record I voted for Jovy Salonga when he run for president under the Liberal party, even if I am certain that he will not win, because I think he is the most qualified candidate then); 

It is not because he represents the perpetuation of political dynasty, that even the less qualified runs because they have the political capital and the name recall to capitalize on, (because I also voted for Tanada );

It is not because he is the epitome of traditional politics, even when they are mouthing change, for the real alternative politics is offered not by the dominant party, (but by the likes of Nicanor Perlas or Ang Kapatiran)

It is not because I abhore those people that surrounds him like Abad and Drilon who have their share of power with past and present administrations but have done so little to improve the lives of their people (even in Batanes or Iloilo, puro lang tikal waay man nahimo), because I still hope with the likes of Acosta.

It is not because he is the personification of another elite proclaiming to continue the fight for the poor, because Noynoy is a full blown elite, blue and blue; because I think Mar Roxas even if he is as elite as Noynoy, still evokes positive vibes.

My reasons are not so complicated. I think Noynoy will not stand a chance against manipulators that surrounds him. His honesty will be no match to the flatterers and whisperers, whose only interest are to collar big contracts from the government.

His utterances  with regards to the structure and system of government, is not even motherhood statements eloquently articulated. I believe that base on the personality that advices him, the Philippines will have the same banana if ever by mistake he becomes the next president of this belleguered country.

My reasons are simple. I do not want another Cory in the making. I do not want a repeat of the Josip Istrada mestik.

One of my reasons; I want a candidate that would offer a new chance base on a fresh ideas, not base on criticism about the failure of other people. Every administration have been  pictured as the evil and criticism is no longer contributing a bit to national progress.

I am looking for real leaders and good managers.  And Noynoy don’t exhibit the leadership traits that I am looking for, and he have nothing to show of with regards to management skills.

My reasons are simple. There are two other candidates who have the better qualification in Teodoro and Villar, then why should I settle for the less qualified candidate?



  1. I agree with you because I am also not voting for Noynoy. I want REAL POSITIVE CHANGE in the Philippines. So I am voting for the most qualified candidate who can bring this – NICANOR PERLAS!

    • The presidency is a position of trust, so I am voting for someone I can trust. It’s that simple.
      April 29th, 2010 by Ligaya Solera

      A lot of people I know have already made up their minds on who to vote as president. If you truly believe, as I do, that your choice for president is the best person to lead our nation, I respect your conviction. I would expect nothing less from Filipinos who truly care what happens to our country. If your choice is informed, if your heart is at peace, if the person you are voting for is someone you would follow to death should the need arise, then so be it. But for those who still have to make that choice, or for those who have made tentative picks but are still willing to entertain a small seed of doubt, I beg leave to present my case for the man I think is most deserving of my vote.

      The Reality

      Under different circumstances, the person I would have voted for is Dick Gordon. His qualifications can be summed up in 5 words: Subic, Wow Philippines, Red Cross. The man’s leadership skills, vision, and passion for service are unquestionable. Now here’s the sad reality: he will not win. Maybe in the future, when Filipinos are smarter, when we have all learned to distinguish performance from personality, Dick Gordon can become president, and a deserving one at that. But today he will not win.

      A vote is not a roll of the dice; it is a weapon, it is a strategy. And I feel that, considering the close competition of those at the top of the surveys, insisting on voting for a good man who will not win is terribly unwise. I do wish Dick Gordon had chosen to run for vice-president instead.

      The fight for the 2010 presidency is now really just between four people: Noynoy, Villar, Gibo and Estrada. I wish that were not so, but if we do not accept reality, we lay ourselves open to its dangers.

      The Road to the Presidency

      Many Filipinos I know and respect are voting for a different candidate from my own. Among them is my mother, whose vocal support for Gibo is the reason why I have not, until lately, openly campaigned for my own choice of president. While my father and sister are voting for Noynoy, some of my other family and friends are voting for Villar, and others, I’m sure, are still swayed by Estrada’s charm. We all have different reasons why we support one candidate and not another. I respect that. But now I must explain my vote, and to do that, I have to explain why I am not voting for the others. Sorry.

      Joseph Estrada

      Let’s start with Erap. Those looking for experience alone need look no further. He entered politics in 1967, became senator in 1987, and was elected president (without the help of Garci, I might add) in 1998. If you count experience by the number of times people were convinced to vote for him, Erap is your man. And that just goes to show that experience, as a qualification, is unreliable. Jueteng. Jose Velarde account. Boracay mansion. Laarni Enriquez, etc., etc. Unexplained wealth. Need I go on? In 2001, I was among the many who took to the streets when his impeachment trial was turned into a joke by his allies. Since 2001, I am happy to say, I have not actually lost my mind yet. I have no desire for Malacanang to turn into the Playboy mansion again.

      Gilbert Teodoro

      Supporters of Gibo have a slogan: “I think, therefore I am for Gibo.” Well, I have thought about it, and thought about it well, and I am not for Gibo.

      If you really think about it, there is just nothing in Gibo’s qualifications that would make him the best person to lead the country. His supporters boast of his experience, but he entered politics as a congressman in 1998, the same year as Noynoy, six years behind Villar, and a good 31 years after Erap. Administration loyalists want Gibo to continue Pres. Arroyo’s “good work.” Since Gloria’s declared wealth, since she became senator 17 years ago, has grown by 2,000% (that’s two thousand percent, in case you missed it the first time), I sincerely hope no one gets to continue that kind of work. Some Gibo fans are just enamored with his ability to fly a plane, but all that tells me is that he is tall enough to meet the height requirement and rich enough to pay for flying lessons. Not exactly the same criteria that need to be met by a president.

      One of the things that Noynoy Aquino’s detractors always say about him is that he has done nothing significant since he entered public service. For my part, I, too, cannot specifically name anything Gibo has done since he entered public service. (Can you?) I did not even know he existed until he appeared in TV ads for the National Disaster Coordinating Council — an agency that, by the way, does not need advertising. His supporters have since accused Noynoy and Villar of spending too much in campaign ads, but let’s not forget that before that schmaltzy “Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa” ad of Noynoy’s came out, before Villar’s catchy tunes and well-produced videos were released, there was Gibo and his public funds-funded NDCC ad.

      Manny Villar

      Manny Villar’s is a rags-to-riches story. His ascent from Tondo slum kid to one of the Philippines’ richest men is the foremost reason why a lot of people are voting for him. If he can do it for himself, he can do it for the country.

      But will he? At what cost?

      There are many reasons why I am not voting for Villar. Here are just a few of them:

      1. His ads are misleading. And they were designed to be so. You would think, looking at images of poor kids in garbage dumps singing “Hindi bawal mangarap ang mahirap,” that Villar himself was as poor as that. He was not. His father was an inspector for the Bureau of Fisheries and subsequently held a director position in the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. His mother was a shrimp and fish vendor at the Divisoria Public Market, but if you think “market vendor” necessarily means “poor,” think again. I have relatives and classmates who live quite comfortably on their parents’ public market earnings.

      2. Granted, while not exactly impoverished, Villar was not born an Ayala. Or even a Cojuangco. Let’s just say that he was relatively poor. Tell me this, then. How does a Tondo kid become a viable contender for the presidency? By eventually becoming rich, right? By working his way up the political ladder? Well, then. Answer this. In the current business and political climate of the Philippines, can someone, who had very little financial and political capital to start with, really go on to become one of the richest and most powerful men in the Philippines, without bribery, compromise of principles and favors to repay? Forgive the long sentence — it’s a simple question, and the answer is no.

      3. Villar himself says, in one of his ads, that if he really wanted to become richer, he would have just gone back to business. His supporters say that the millions he is pouring into his campaign does not make sense financially, and that therefore it is not a business move, and that therefore he is not in it for the money, that he just wants to serve. But that is not exactly true. There is nothing like easy money. (Ask Gloria) There is nothing like putting yourself in a position where you can control infrastructure, influence policies, direct loan releases, and intimidate the competition, all under the guise of serving the people. Villa knows this, we know this, but he thinks we are stupid enough to believe he would have just gone back to business if he was just after money. Well, are we?

      4. I call it the Baby James phenomenon. This is what all the ads, all the songs, all the big-name endorsements are for. Repeat something long enough and it will start to appear true. The slogans will start to sink in, subconsciously or otherwise, proof of which is that his adversary’s own nephew is shouting out Villar’s name. Villar’s campaign is high-budget PR at its best. You think Manny Villar is the best candidate for president. But do you really think so?

      5. Willie Revillame. Dolphy. Manny Pacquiao (and his groupie Chavit Singson). If we are known by the company we keep, what does that make Villar? (Aside from rich.)

      Maybe Villar can make the Philippines prosperous. I’m not saying it is not within his abilities to do so. But again I ask: at what cost?

      For me, though, Villar’s strategies took an appalling turn last week, when Andal Ampatuan, Jr., the man undoubtedly allegedly behind the Maguindanao Massacre, held a press conference inside jail and “endorsed” Noynoy Aquino for president. This, just one week after he was spotted wearing the orange baller identified with Villar’s campaign. Ampatuan’s announcement initially numbed me — how could Noynoy associate himself with such a monster? But the more I thought of it, the more the “endorsement” seemed unbelievable. Ampatuan may be evil, but he is not stupid. He knows he is one of the most hated men in the country. If he really supported Noynoy, the best thing he could have done was to keep it quiet. But he didn’t. He called for a press con in jail. But who controls jails? Who has the power to allow a press con inside a jail? Who is a known friend of the Ampatuans? Who just ordered the release of two Ampatuans? And yet the administration has not been supporting its own candidate, Gibo Teodoro, as of late. Who is suspected to be making deals with the administration? Who stands to benefit most from whatever backlash Ampatuan’s “endorsement” would have on Noynoy’s bid for the presidency? And then the frightening question: How did he get Ampatuan to do that “endorsement?” What promises would a mass murderer be interested in? And even more important, if he wins, what kind of a president would a man be, who makes deals with philanderers, thieves and murderers?

      Why I Am Voting for Noynoy

      By now it should be obvious who I am voting for, and that is Noynoy Aquino.

      I don’t believe that having heroes for parents qualify a person for the presidency. I don’t believe that one person can rid the entire government of corruption. And I don’t believe for one second that getting rid of corruption, even if it were possible, would put an end to poverty in this country.

      What I do believe is this: I need a leader I can trust. I need someone whose hands have not been stained by corrupt deals and politicking. I need someone who has enough leadership experience but who hasn’t yet sunk into the Philippine political quagmire.

      Some say Noynoy has done nothing. The more accurate observation would be: he has not sought the spotlight. There is a difference, and it is an important one. Read “Noynoy Aquino, out of the shadows“, a report from the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism.

      A lot of people resent Noynoy for riding on his parents’ popularity. But let’s not forget that before his mother died, and public clamor rose for him to take on the presidency, Noynoy had no intention of running for the highest office in the land, at least not in 2010. Noynoy was content to stay in the sidelines and do his own thing. Until Cory’s death reminded us that honest, principled, good-intentioned presidents were still possible. With that in mind, some of us looked around for an honest, principled and good-intentioned man, and our gaze fell on Noynoy. We asked him to run, he hesitated, thought about it, prayed about it, and then with resolve said yes. Why do we resent him for taking on a challenge that we ourselves laid on him? Isn’t this what we wanted? A good man to run for president?

      It’s true: Noynoy is popular because he is an Aquino. But if that means that he has had no need to be a media whore, if that means that he has not had to compromise his principles to go up the political ladder, if that means he has less political debts to pay, so be it. I would still rather have him for president.

      As long as people are lazy, as long as people are irresponsible, as long as people go on having ten kids while on a monthly income of zero, there will always be poverty, and there is nothing that a president with outstanding business acumen can do about that.

      But when we do decide that we have had enough of subsisting on one meager meal per day, when we decide to go to school and study hard, when we decide to work until we’re tired to the bone, when we decide not to squander our earnings on vices but save instead for our children’s education, when we decide to maybe set up our own small businesses and create jobs for our fellowmen, we will need our government to be there for us. We will need our government to be fair and just, to spend money where it is needed, to create projects where they will most be useful, to cut the red tape, to plug the leaks in the system. Most of all, we will need a government that will do what is right, at all times, at whatever cost, and inspire us to do the right thing. And for me, the person who is in the best position to make sure that that happens is Noynoy Aquino. Business geniuses can be tapped, people with superb organizational skills can be brought on board, but the presidency is a position of trust. Noynoy is not a perfect man but he is the better man, by far, and the one who most deserves to be entrusted with my vote and my country.

  2. I will not vote for Noynoy also. I will choose someone who has leadership. Noynoy has no leadership.

    • Noynoy Aquino – A Leader in His Own Right
      Submitted by eman on Sat, 03/13/2010 – 6:09pm

      by Roy Sangil,
      Association for the Socioeconomic Advancement of Pinoys, Inc (ASAP)

      Noynoy Aquino is a leader who can lead the Filipino people toward social change through good governance, transparency, and honest leadership.

      While Noynoy is known as a low profile son of President Cory Aquino and Ninoy, he is a leader in his own right and would stand out in times of crisis, which is a proven test of a leader.

      Unknown to Filipinos, Noynoy was instrumental in the survival of government and democracy when, in November 1989, renegade soldiers wanted to seize the government and perpetuate themselves to power. It was the bloodiest coup d’etat staged by the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) and soldiers loyal to the Marcos administration. The coup attempt left 99 people dead and 570 wounded.

      Noynoy would take an active role that would help in the eventual defeat of the coup plotters. For one, he knew the rapacity, anti-democratic and anti-people character of the coup plotters because during a previous coup, in 1987, he was ambushed by the coup plotters along Malacañang. Noynoy was hit by five bullets and three of his four escorts were killed protecting him. A bullet is still embedded in his neck. Moreover, the coup plotters would want to perpetuate themselves to power, declare Martial Law, and plunge again the people into oppression.

      At the height of the 1989 coup, Noynoy would call people close to his father, Ninoy, to assemble a group to help crush the ongoing coup. These are the people whom he could trust and would prove crucial in defeating the rebels.

      In the early morning of November 30, Noynoy called me and asked me to organize a group to crush the ongoing coup. I immediately called up Ret. Gen. Salvador Mison, Gen. Pete Navarro, Charlie Avila, Wilo Layug, Lingoy Alcuaz, Gerry Esguerra and Steve Psinakis.

      The group met at the office of Gen, Jake Carbonell in Pasig. The group under the leadership of Gen, Mison was given authority by the Palace to recapture Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Crame. The order was given to Gen. Carbonell by Gen. Mison to attack Camp Aguinaldo.

      The rest is history as Cory Aquino finished her term peacefully and the people elected Fidel Ramos as the next president.

      This single action of Noynoy proved to all that he is a man of action. His decisiveness in taking an active role is worth noting when Philippine democracy was imperiled by forces who are loyal only to themselves and not the freedom and democracy that was hard won by the Filipinos through the peaceful EDSA Revolution.

      But what was so interesting is that he did not boast of his role in crushing the coup. He simply hid this information and the nation never knew of his participation. This is the kind of leader that should be emulated by the Filipinos, particularly the youth. A leader that does not boast of his achievement. A leader who can lead in the worst crisis in government. This is Noynoy Aquino. A leader, and worthy to be the son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

      ~ Roy Sangil

  3. I still can’t figure out what’s with Noynoy that there are still people who say that they’ll vote for him. I don’t know if those people are blind or they just chose to be blinded by their illusion. Yes, the qualities they say that Noynoy have, like integrity, is just an illusion. Has he demonstrated? I think integrity means standing up to what you believe in no matter what the cost is. But until now, the Hacienda Luisita issue hasn’t been resolved yet. Ayayayay! I will note vote for him, too.

    • I hope these Noynoy financiers stop rigging the surveys by their rigged sample populations. Noynoy is being supported by the presidentiable tail-enders in the surveys when Villar had a huge lead. Now his financiers are trying to swing undecided voters to join the bandwagon.

      The thinking population does not have many voters, and they hardly even vote. Its the Masa and INC that actually swings votes. And the Masa are pro Erap and Villar. The Math just doesn’t make sense.

      Noynoy will be just as “kunsintidor” as his Mother was. Have we all forgotten KAMAG-ANAK INC. He will also be as slow and lack luster as he has been as a senator and congressman.

  4. I wont vote for Noynoy either. Dahil lang sa bitbit niya ang pangalan ng magulang niya doesnt mean he’s the best candidate. Any candidate can use the ideals of Ninoy and Cory, not exclusively HIS…

    Besides i dont like Kris to be a “Presidential sister?” come on!

    • hehe only bcoz you dont like Kris to be a “Presidential sister… hehehe

      you made me laugh dude..

  5. In 11 years in government, critics note that Aquino has not made any significant contributions to legislation. Several commentators have criticized Aquino for showing little to deserve the presidency aside from his parents’ reputations.

    At almost 50 years old he has neither a wife nor any children. Moreover, Aquino had lived with his mother, the former president, until her death. To them, this is demonstrates how Aquino has never held any real responsibilities of his own throughout his life.

    His support of the Reproductive Health Bill.

    Another issue is Noynoy’s stake in his family’s 7,500 hectare estate, Hacienda Luisita. His mother, the former president Corazon Aquino, was also criticized on these grounds, especially in failing to push for land redistribution reforms given their alleged conflict of interest. These have culminated in the massacre of 12 picketing farmers and 2 children and the injury of hundreds of other protesters at the hands of the Aquino family’s personnel as the group demanded fairer wages, employee benefits and, broadly speaking, a greater commitment to land reform around the country. Aquino has so far rejected calls to let go of his stake in the plantation.

  6. I’m not from this country but, as I look at NoyNoy I see a weak man. But, still I turn on the T.V. and I see his commercials with all these famous celebrities. I go to the shops and see his merchandise. This guy will win this popularity contest but, he will do nothing to take Philippines out of the hands of corruption that has been strangling many Filipinos and this country.

  7. With his accomplishments never impressed me…
    For several years in senate..he has only authored 9
    bills…….and not even one became a law……..poor guy…….

    • Noynoy’s legislative record
      Posted on September 12, 2009 by jimparedes

      Senator Noynoy Aquino is vigilant in his pursuit of truth, justice and
      freedom, the fundamental principles that make democracy work in this
      country that his parents had likewise fought hard to restore. His
      commitment to preserve, strengthen and continue their legacy is
      evident in his accomplishments.
      I. Positions held
      Chairman, Committee on Local Government
      Co-chair, Committee on Justice and Human Rights
      II. Committee Membership
      • Accounts
      • Economic Affairs
      • Education, Arts and Culture
      • Environment and Natural Resources
      • Government Corporations and Public Enterprises
      • Justice and Human Rights
      • National Defense and Security
      • Peace, Reunification and Reconciliation
      • Public Works
      • Trade and Commerce
      • Urban Planning, Housing and Development
      • Ways and Means
      • Youth, Women and Family Relations
      III. Senate Bills
      Senate Bill No. 1370 – an act granting an annual productivity
      incentive to all workers in the private sector, establishing
      mechanisms for its implementation, and for other purposes
      Senate Bill No. 1719 – an act limiting the re-appointment of
      presidential nominees by-passed by the Commission on Appointments (CA)
      Senate Bill No. 1710 – an act banning the re-appointment of a regular
      member of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) who has already served
      the full term
      Senate Bill No. 2035 – an act requiring the regular maintenance and
      preservation of all public infrastructures, establishing mechanisms
      for its implementation and for other purposes
      Senate Bill No. 2036 – an act increasing the penalties for non-
      compliance of the prescribed increases and adjustments in the wage
      rates of workers, amending for the purpose Republic Act No. 6727
      Senate Bill 2159 – an act adopting the doctrine of superior
      responsibility to all actions involving military personnel, members of
      the Philippine National Police and other civilians involved in law
      Senate Bill 2160 – an act amending Section 4 of RA 9184, otherwise
      known as the Government Procurement Reform Act to further restrict
      exemptions to the requirement of public bidding
      Senate Bill 2978 – an act amending the DILG Act to further clarify the
      relationship between local chief executives and their respective local
      police chiefs
      Senate Bill 3121 – the Budget Impoundment Control Act, which seeks to
      strengthen legislative oversight over executive spending
      IV. Senate Resolutions
      Senate Resolution No. 190 – investigating the exercise and
      implementation of the powers of local chief executives under Republic
      Act 7160 otherwise known as the “Local Government Code of 1991” in
      relation to Republic Act 6975 known as the “Philippine National Police
      (PNP) Law”
      and Republic Act 8551 known as “The PNP Reform and Reorganization Act
      of 1998”
      Senate Resolution No. 205 – investigating the bomb explosion at the
      House of Representatives, condemning in the strongest possible terms
      the recent bombing at the House of Representatives, extending
      sympathies to the victims and calling on authorities to conduct a
      swift and thorough investigation into this incident
      Senate Resolution No. 229 – directing the appropriate Senate
      committees to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the
      circumstances leading to the arrest and ‘processing’ of journalists
      and media personalities after the Manila Peninsula standoff on 29
      November 2007
      V. Fiscalizer
      The responsibilities of a senator go beyond the drafting of
      legislation or the creation of policies. As a true representative of
      the people, Senator Aquino has consistently voiced his concerns on
      several issues, drawing attention to the anomalies in our current
      2009 General Appropriations Act (GAA)
      By vigorously examining the General Appropriations Act for 2009
      submitted by the Executive, Senator Aquino was able to propose key
      amendments to the 2009 GAA that seek to tighten congressional
      oversight on the executive’s use of public funds.
      Champion of Human Rights and People’s Participation
      At the heart of all legislative and policy-making initiatives is the
      development and welfare of the people. Senator Aquino has sought the
      proper relocation of informal settlers and the delineation of
      authority of parties involved in demolitions such as the MMDA. The
      bill amending the UDHA is currently underway.
      Through his privilege speeches, Senator Aquino has drawn attention to
      the plight of desaparecidos and victims of extra-judicial killings. He
      introduced substantial amendments to the Cooperative Code to make it
      more responsive to the needs of the marginalized sector for which the
      code was enacted. They are meant to strengthen the cooperative
      movement by providing for transparent measures for members and
      officers of cooperatives.
      He is also part of the bicameral debates on the Anti-Torture Act.
      Accountability to the People
      Senator Aquino actively participated in the hearings that investigated
      a number of reported scandals involving the alleged misuse of public
      funds, such as the ZTE-NBN deal, the Euro Generals and the Fertilizer
      Fund scam. These hearings brought to light the need for increased
      transparency and accountability in the disbursal of taxpayers’ money.
      Integrity of the Senate
      The series of scandals that stain the reputation of our government has
      also challenged the Senate of the Philippines as an institution. The
      recent attempts to amend the Constitution, for instance, have
      compelled our Senators, including Senator Aquino, to firmly assert
      their defiant stand on this issue.
      Energy Sector
      Senator Aquino has been vigilant in the hearings regarding the sale of
      TRANSCO and PNOC-EDC. Much of his time and energy was spent on the
      EPIRA and TRANSCO amendments, questioning the sale of revenue-
      generating assets prior to the privatization of key government
      corporations. Senator Aquino sought clarification as to whether the
      sales of these assets were part of a long-term energy development plan
      or not to ensure that the long-term impact of losing these assets have
      been considered prior to their sales.
      National Integrity
      Senator Aquino voted “NO” to the controversial JPEPA because he
      believed that the Filipino people deserved a better negotiated and
      mutually beneficial treaty.
      VI. Institution builder
      Last but not least, Senator Aquino has dedicated his life in public
      service to strengthening our democratic institutions. Principal among
      these is his commitment to a genuine party system in the Philippines,
      as reflected in his membership in and strong commitment to the Liberal
      • Executive Vice President, December 18, 2007 to present
      • Vice Chairman, March 17, 2006 to December 17, 2007
      • Secretary General, 2004 to March 16, 2006
      • Vice-Pres. for Luzon, 2002-2004
      • Secretary General, 1999-2002
      • Chairman of the Board, Central Luzon Congressional Caucus
      VII. Accomplishments as three-term member of the House of
      A. Positions held
      Deputy Speaker, 13th Congress
      B. Committee Membership
      13th Congress
      • Banks & Financial Intermediaries
      • Energy
      • Export Promotion
      • Public Order & Safety
      12th Congress
      • Civil, Political & Human Rights
      • Good Government
      • Inter-Parliamentary Relations & Diplomacy
      • Public Order & Security
      11th Congress
      • Agriculture
      • Appropriations
      • Banks & Financial Intermediaries
      • Civil, Political & Human Rights (Vice-Chairman)
      • Natural Resources
      • Peoples’ Participation
      • Public Order & Security
      • Suffrage and Electoral Reforms
      • Trade & Industry
      • Transportation & Communications
      C. Priority Bills
      • House Bill No. 4251 – granting annual productivity incentives to all
      workers in the private sector
      • House Bill No. 4397 – strengthening the regulatory power of the
      Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to effectively enforce consumer
      • House Bill No. 4252 – increasing the penalties for non-compliance of
      the prescribed increases and adjustments in the wage rates of workers
      • House Bill No. 3616 – extending the reglementary period for the
      educational qualification for PNP members
      • House Bill No. 1842 – providing for the codification of criminal
      D. Resolutions
      • House Resolution No. 65 – inquiry in aid of legislation into the
      policies and processes of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in
      granting rate increases to electric utilities
      • House Resolution No. 788 – creating a select Congressional
      Oversight Committee on intelligence funds to check and study the use
      of intelligence funds by government agencies to ensure that funds
      allocated therefore are utilized for the purpose they are intended
      E. Other legislation
      a. Introduced an amendment in the General Appropriations Act requiring
      public bidding in the purchase of petroleum, oil and lubricant
      products for the Department of National Defense
      Thanks to Carlos Celdran.

  8. I too don’t want to vote for him because of his lack on experience… personally I want to vote for gordon.. but as you can see, he has no chance of winning base on the survey… and because of this, sadly, I will not vote for him.. noynoy is no. 1 on the survey, 2nd is villar and 3rd is erap… And if you will ask me, most likely 1 of the 3 will win.. And between the 3.. I would rather vote for noynoy for he is lesser evil than the 2 (based on the news).

  9. I wont vote for noynoy simply because he is inexperienced and he did not even do anything WORTHWHILE while in the senate and he is only a puppet of a huge network that only supports him and their personal gains.


    Senator Senate of the Philippines
    14th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines

    Member House of Representatives
    (1998-2001; 2001-2004; 2004-2007)

    Deputy Speaker House of Representatives
    13th Congress of the Philippines
    (November 8, 2004-February 21, 2006)

    Vice Chairman Liberal Party of the Philippines
    (March 17, 2006 to present)

    Secretary General Liberal Party of the Philippines
    (2004 to March 16, 2006)

    Vice-Pres. for Luzon Liberal Party of the Philippines

    Secretary General Liberal Party of the Philippines

    Chairman of the Board Central Luzon Congressional Caucus


    13th Congress

    * Banks & Financial Intermediaries
    * Energy
    * Export Promotion
    * Public Order & Safety

    12th Congress

    * Civil
    * Political & Human Rights
    * Good Government
    * Public Order & Security
    * Inter-Parliamentary Relations & Diplomacy

    11th Congress

    * Civil
    * Political & Human Rights (Vice-Chairman)
    * Public Order & Security
    * Transportation & Communications
    * Agriculture
    * Banks & Financial Intermediaries
    * Peoples’ Participation
    * Suffrage and Electoral Reforms
    * Appropriations
    * Natural Resources
    * Trade & Industry


    * House Bill No. 4251 – granting annual productivity incentives to all workers in the private sector
    * House Bill No. 4397 – strengthening the regulatory power of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to effectively enforce consumer laws
    * House Bill No. 4252 – increasing the penalties for non-compliance of the prescribed increases and adjustments in the wage rates of workers
    * House Bill No. 3616 – extending the reglementary period for the educational qualification for PNP members
    * House Bill No. 1842 – providing for the codification of criminal laws
    * House Resolution No. 65 – inquiry in aid of legislation into the policies and processes of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in granting rate increases to electric utilities
    * House Resolution No. 788 – creating a select Congressional Oversight Committee on intelligence funds to check and study the use of intelligence funds by government agencies to ensure that funds allocated therefor are utilized for the purpose they are intended


    Made the procurement of the petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) requirements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines transparent by requiring public bidding.

  11. Yeah noynoy is just an instrument to those people that wants more and more power, like the stupid fidel v ramos and others a like. I think what we need now is a president who is determined to exterminate all insurgencies in Mindanao like exterminating those rebels CPP NPA, abu sayaf, MILF and etc… A country cannot be on the rise when there are these kinds of people. “Tumakbo lang si noynoy dahil namatay si pres. cory at ang simpatya ng tao ay nasa kanya”.

    I’d rather vote for Mar Roxas if he run for the presidency, because he is far too experienced compared to noynoy, but right now i think the most fitting president for this country is a leader who will prioritize the military then security of state and it’s people and after that everything will just follow.

  12. Still looking for a good reason why should i vote for Noynoy.. with all your comments and with all these survey result placing him on top, i still find it really ridiculous or perhaps idiotic that you people will equate, that leadership is passed on thru a person’s genes.

    What if bad genes was passed on to Noynoy, not withstanding his questionable mental health, which I happen to believe because we were told about that years ago.

    Do you seriously believe that we Filipinos would want a return of the yellow years/yellow army; the Kamag-anak Inc.; the Aquino-PCGG hocus-pocus; the Lopez’s control of virtually every utility at their whim; mendiola/hacienda massacre; coup de etat.

    Judging from all the people around him, this country will again be owned by the “insulares”.

    The rich will get richer at expense of the poor. And what about that sneaky excuse for a human being, that SOAB Panfilo Lacson, what role is he going to play. He is for Noynoy because he was assured of a position as Noynoy’s rabid attack dog “askal”.

    Will Lacson be given the green light to exact revenge on everyone just to save his own sorry ass.

    A vote for Noynoy is also a vote for:

    Panfilo Lacson
    Kamag-anak Inc.
    Mendiola Massacre
    Code-NGO Anomaly
    Yellow Army
    Insulares of Makati
    PCGG-hocus pocus

    Why should i vote for Noynoy.

    The only genes that was passed on to him was the side effect of inter-family unions. I read that this side effect skip generation. Isn’t it both of his paternal grand parents second generation Aquinos in Tarlac? Please clarify.

    Lastly, Chiz SUCK!!!!!

  13. I was just looking for old posts. This is 2016, the next election.

  14. I am from the future (2016) and I’m here to tell you that he won.

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