Posted by: luvin | November 25, 2009

The New Kings

In the royalty lineage of the mindanao’s moro group, the Ampatuans and Mangudadatos are the new Kings of the Sultanate of Maguindanao and Rajah sa Buayan.

Who are these people before they become what they are today? Today these people who in the 70’s could hardly make the ends meet live in mansions and palaces. Visit their places if you would like to see it for your selves, or even visit Davao City and see how palatial their homes are.

The recent massacre have once again added another blackeye to the already bruised image of Mindanao. This is a war for their kingdom, and the losers are the people and Mindanao as a whole. Another step backwards.

Many people who do not understand Muslim Mindanao are wont to suggest the barbarism of these people, and the inutility of this government and the past governments to control warlordism. But to be very simplistic about this incident, this is an event that could happen because the culture and the environment is encouraging it to happen. Warlordism is not unique to Mindanao. This is the same problem that beset Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

Most in the media are wondering why the government is helpless in addressing this problem? Loose firearms is viewed as one of the culprit, and why the is the government allowing this proliferation of these deadly arms is a question that is high on the list. People who are viewing this problem along the lenses of different cultures will never understand the difficulty of controlling these armed men. If american soldiers who were heavily armed with the most sophisticated and trained according to the latest warfare techniques could not subdue a loose group like the Abu Sayaf whose number is between 100 to 200, how can we expect the PNP to handle the armed groups of these local warlords whose  number would equal those of the MILF.

I hope the people in mainstream media, the government and other private sector will try to see this problem in the right context. Not in the context of what manila would like to live, but according to our different cultures and practices.


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