Posted by: luvin | November 8, 2009

My next President?

Even as an ordinary citizen, I have the responsibility to choose wisely the next president of this disaster prone country. “My vote counts”, is a cliche, but it keeps on appearing and repeating itself, and its meaning is not limited at voting somebody and making sure that it is being counted properly, but also on how should I go about the selection process. At first glance, tv and print articles would provide a clue on who to vote. But the longer I ponder about it, the more difficult the task seem to be.

My first approach which I advocated earlier, was to treat this presidential election as a search for the most qualified manager. My proposition is for the voter to assume that he/she owns a big company, perhaps as big as the Philippines, and that she/he is looking for a manager to run the affairs of the company. The natural tendency then in selecting who to hire is to look at the qualification, and the integrity of the applicants. Naturally, if you are looking for a manager you will not settle for somebody who do not have the tiniest idea on how to manage, or do not have the honesty and integrity to run the affairs of your company. I tried this approach to some. I asked them this question; If your are looking for a manager, would you choose Noynoy, Villar, Teodoro, or Estrada? The most common choice are Teodoro and Villar. Sometimes though, they have difficulty on whom to choose between the two.

Even I have some difficulty in deciding between the two equally capable protagonist. Villar has a proven track record in the private and public sector. He has the single minded focus of a determined businessman, a trait that would certainly produce result. Teodoro has also proven his skills in the public management with his stint in the Department of National Defence, though his experience may not be as extinsive as that wtih Villar, he already is a proven commodity, and he is more eloquent and articulate.

My approach in breaking the deadlock is to look at their advocacies and platform of government. I like Villar’s approach of creating an entrepreneurial atmosphere. He’s view of competing government istitution, which is akin to the business competition, is also a new and attractive approach. On the other side, I also like  Teodoro’s talk about structural reform. I for one is pushing of federalism so it is understandable that I have a bias for candidates that advocating or leaning towards thesame agenda.

But  I am still in a bind.

My third approach is to look at the needs or major problem of the country. And what are these; First, I believe that we have a structurally defective governmental system., that resulted to its ineffectivity. So much centralization  also contributed greatly to the corrupt practices in almost every aspect of the government. Corruption is so rampant that it now becoming cultural. Second, Mindanao. The trouble in Mindanao is dragging the country. Investment do not come in because of the overly sensationalize conflict. Mindanao also failed to grow as much as it can because of the negligible attention that national government is giving it. Third, is the business climate. A great portion, about 90%, of business enterprises are controlled by about 5% of the population. The disparity is so wide, that the interest of the few would often block to economic development of the poor.


In summary, what am looking at, and my selection process would look like this:

1. Start with the salient needs, the problems of the state.

2. What are the platform of government of these candidates?

3. Who has the skills, the integrity,honest, and the capability  to carry out the offered solution?


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