Posted by: luvin | November 5, 2009

A Presidential Challenge, For Noynoy

To be a head of state is a position that not everyone could have the chance to have, not even a chance to dream of. But with it goes the gargantuan task of carrying the dreams of the nation, of making those dreams a reality, a task so many before have failed to accomplished.

Noynoy Aquino, inspite of his lack of managerial skills, inspite of his low intellectual capacity, inspite of his wimp like aura, is being hailed by those who want to be in power, as the Obama of the 2010 RP presidential election. People like Conrad De Quiros, because of his hatred to the present adminstration, specially his hate to GMA, seems to lost the basic objectivity. He sees a messiah in Noynoy because of his integrity, he sees a saviour with Noynoy because of his honesty, he sees bright hope for the Philippines because of Noynoy.

I feel sorry for him. His logic is now very distorted.  This country will never move when progress will be hinged on people like Noynoy who did not even lifted a finger with regards to hacienda Luisita.

Hacienda Luisita is a very big shame to the Corazon Aquino presidency. It is a prime example of the elite just trying to make use of their position to enhanced their control of their loot. Can’t Noynoy see the injusice in their estate. If Cory is indeed for the people, why did she skirted the agrarian law. If Noynoy, indeed, is a true leader, why didn’t he lift a finger to correct the injustice?

Noynoy is not man enough to go against the injustices done by his parents and relatives. Noynoy do not have the courage, to oppose the obvious mistakes done by his mother.

With those apparent flaws in his character, and lack of leadership and managerial skill, there is a very small window of chance that change will happen during his presidency.



  1. you did a very little research to write these opinions of yours.

  2. Amen to kai. Just because one can write a blog does not mean he is correct. This is a classic case of not knowing what he is talking about. Get a hold of the facts before you open your mouth.

    “It is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  3. With people like you luvin, this country will not progress. All you have are negative remarks.Did you have the same thinking when joseph estrada became the leader of the land.

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