Posted by: luvin | September 28, 2009

The Ondoy Effect

The Ondoy Effect was a great equalizer. The rich and the poor during that horrible moment was on the same footing, on the roof  or on the road, all drenched, watching in horror and chilling to death.

One graphic note is penned by Leonor Magtolis;

from a txt mssg. “pls pray/help, my mom’s trap,…on a tree. She’s 71 and weak, I don’t know what to do.”

A 71 year old up on a lanka tree! She must have gone through the roof and swung Tarzan- like to the tree! How she did it is beyond my ken, but I sensed the panic and dispair…, I supposed extreme danger gives unusual physical strength even to the weak.”

The good news came later; the 71 year old lady was eventually rescued from the tree.

Honestly, the article inspite of the tragedy made me smile. It contrast to other  articles that irritates, because instead of offering solution, or helping people to understand why these  abnormally strong flood and typhoons are happening, are there to criticize some government officials.

What would these journalist say if as a Mindanaoan, who have endured so much (not only exploding bombs) negative media coverage, I would write merese, now were even. If people in Mindanao have to contend with the 40 year old conflict, you metro manila people now have to contend with the effect of uncontrolled urbanization.

Of course they will say that those statements are uncalled for specially in time of disaster. They will say that criticism can wait for its proper time. Indeed, the Ondoy Effect has a way of seeing, who has the agenda of simply dismembering this government, and those who simply write on the mandate of truthfully reporting the events of the day.

But will The Ondoy Effect tell the people to go easy on his environment. Will it warn the subdivision developers to rethink their projects and reasses its impact on the community. Will it inform the NGO’s that continued (pouring so much resources on such a small area) reforestation of La Mesa water shed is never enough to combat global warming. I doubt it. Greed will still overpower man’s concern for his environment. Greed will only stop when there is no other choice.

More floods with increasing strength will still be coming. All over the world, that’s the trend. And when it hits the highly urbanized places, the effect is magnified a thousand fold. Tipping point is near when we really have to do something to survive natures wrath.


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