Posted by: luvin | September 23, 2009

A Blueprint on Election Cheating

This coming election, 105/2010 will most like be automated.

If I am the political strategist of one presidential candidate, how would I cheat to victory?

Pathetic you may say, but here in the Philippines, because of past experiences, cheating is one sure way to victory. That is real politics. And it is morally ugly, but that’s what it is. And what the heck! When my candidate wins the pot, he/she will become HONORABLE.

Observing demos and watching forums that touches on the forthcoming automation, I can say in vague words that the only aspect of the game that is new here is the counting process.

Assuming my candidate/s have more than enough financial resources, then two obvious path to take would be by outspending the opponents in the PR/Advertising department. The second would be the organizational or machinery aspect.

PR/Ad would be big because it leapfrog the normal route that is only passable through solid machinery. There is no other way to deliver the message, but to let them listen, let them hear or see you. There is no alternative and dominant medium than the television and radio. Internet and mobile phones are strong avenue, that PR/Ad people could also use. Outspending the opponent is never fair, but if my candidate have the wherewithal to do it, so be it.

Machinery. Who ever said that machinery does not deliver vote is ignorant of the political election in this country.  Since my candidate have enourmous funding, I will build a huge machinery base. It will be from national down to the purok level. If I can have 5 leaders per purok and there are 10 puroks per barangay, then I will have a substantial advantage.  This is like Mayweather having weigth advantage over Marquez. Everybody knows how Mayweather dominated Marquez. 90% of my local leaders will vote for my candidate, and I will have parallel organization from national down to purok.

In Mindanao where there are huge illeterate voters, I will assign 200 hundred assistors per precint, so that would be about 20 % of the total vote per precint. I will also pay substantial amount to local datus and leaders, village leaders both christian and lumad. That would translate to another 20% so I already have 40 percent of Mindanao’s rural votes.

There is also the unused ballots. Election will never be 100% voters turnout. Normally it would only be about 70%. I know that there are corrupt teachers acting as BEI. I can manipulate about 5% of those unused votes by shading 10% of those ballots ahead of time. Some of these teacher because of their needs, and vices will do what my people will dictate them to do, specially if they are to be paid handsomely.

I know that it would be now next to impossible to manipulate the election return and the canvass of votes, so I will have to think of other areas to take advantage of. Example of which should be the stronghold of the opponent. If they are strong for example in Central Luzon, then by all means, I have to make election difficult in that area. The strategy would be to make the turnout there as low as possible. If I could bring it down to 60% percent turnout, then that would already be a big blow against them.

In few words, it means I can still do most of the old tricks that have made me a successful cheater in past electoral contest. Most of my dogs, old dogs and new, won so many contest because of those old trick, and certainly, it will still work this 2010 election.


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