Posted by: luvin | September 14, 2009

The Unvarnished Fact

Can we tell the truth, straight? The truth and nothing but the truth.

Noynoy is running on the premise of continuing his father and mother’s battles. “Ipagpatuloy ko ang ipanaglaban ng aking ama at ina.” I hate that kind of statement. Here is a man presenting himself be the next president of this damned country, yet he can not get away from the shadows of his parents. Perhaps a little maturity would suffice to make a man of him. But before I tackle his defeciency, let me get back at his parents.

Ninoy’s legacy to the country was his courageous stand against Marcos. But he is not alone in that fight. Diokno, Tanada, Salonga to name some were equally steadfast in their fight against the dictator. But of course his assasination was the tipping point.

Cory. Cory? Although I am a Mindanaoan, and I stayed most of my life here in Mindanao, I was lucky to be in Metro Manila when Edsa People Power happened. I also experienced Edsa. I was also a Namfrel Volunteer when Cory run for president, so somehow I also have a little political experiences to speak of with regards to politics of that era. Cory for me then was the symbol of change that people clamored for so long. I was in my early twenties then, so young and hopeful for a new beggining. I failed to see the hidden manipulation. It was only later when I realized that, just like in a game of chess,  she was made an instrument by some real player who decides the fate of this country. From a mere pawn, she was promoted to become a Queen. The most powerful piece on board.

With the help of his bishop in Cardinal Sin, through some powerful moves and subtle plots, they were able to turn the tide, and they eventually mated the King. But just like the chess board Queen, Cory moves according to the wishes of the real player. She is the most powerful piece, but has no will of her own. With her as the Queen,the rules of the game is remained thesame. The players is still thesame. The change that I hope never came. The kamag anak inc, the elite group, and the Cojuanco clan simply enthroned themselves, controled the economic pie that they thought was theirs to start with. And left the rest of the country in poverty. Cory simply failed.

Now Noynoy, the wimp who do not even have a faint idea of what is happening to his hacienda. What kind of leadership will he bring. He is not a leader, and never will be. To start with, there was really nothing from his parents that needs to be continued.  Ninoy’s incidental death needs no continuation. Cory’s failed presidency should never be repeated.  Noynoy has all the chance to grow to become a good leader, because he is sourrounded by leaders that he could model his leadership style, but at 49 years he simply failed to become one.

Having belabored so much, unless I have some personal agenda, unless I am the real chess player, I can simply say; that if Noynoy is the knight in the shining armor, there is no rule that allows the  promotion of the Knight to become a King. Having those premises, it is easy to say; Noynoy will never be a leader of this country.


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