Posted by: luvin | September 13, 2009

The Silver Lining

This coming 2010 presidential election is turning out differently. The mechanics is definetely different because of the computerization. And because of that, candidates needs less people to man the polls, less manpower is needed than the traditional manual election, meaning this coming political organizations will be trimmer.  Vote buying will not be as massive than before because political operators do not have the blueprint on how to execute the fraudulent act. I might be wrong, but if this be viewed as a battle of those who want to cheat and those who wants a clean election, I think the good will win agains the bad. That is one silver lining that I could see this coming election.

If we are also to observe the attitude of the candidates and their spokespersons, their handlers and those sympathetic to their causes, with the exeption of Madrigal and Lacson, every body is behaving civilly. Good governance is not only the only thing in the spin these days but also is good behaviour. That silver lining number two

Hopefully, it will up another gear where candidates will discuss about their platform of government, their vision for the country, and critics will dissect each candidate base on their performances, or credentials, their skills, and not on their balding hair, not on their association with the present yet very unpopular president.

Hopefully also, we will see an end to the politics of the old, although apparentlly, the younger candidates of today are simply extensions of the old political families, but hopefully they will bring another palate to the table.

Hope, I think is reinvigorated.


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