Posted by: luvin | September 10, 2009

The Cojuangco Factor and Mindanao

One of the most important winning ingredient of the 2010 philippine presidential contest would be the Cojuangco factor.

The 2010 electoral contest is more interesting now with the entry of NoynoyCojuangco Aquino. It can not be denied that the cory magic is still working as can be seen by welcoming signs of his entry into the presiential derby.

This entry has added another Cojuangco to the derby. If NPC would field their own candidate like Escudero, then that would be another Cojuangco boy thrown into the water. Rumors has it, that the reason why Gilbert Cojuangco Teodoro left NPC is because of of his uncle’s preference to Chiz Escudero. NPC of course move along the wishes of their big boss Danding Cojuangco.

If the trend in the Lakas-Kampi, as exemplefied by the endorsment of 48 governors of Teodoro’s presidential bid, continues, the admin will likely field their own Cojuanco factor into the game.

Whether people will like it or not, the Cojuangco factor will be big this coming election. But how will this affect the Mindanao concerns?

To those who are not so familiar with Mindanao land scape, Danding Cojuanco owned thousands and thousands of land in Mindanao. His Mango agri business venture in Davao del Sur is a very fine example. His San Miguel Corp. has large AgriBusiness venture in Bukidnon, which is in fact larger than many of his agribusiness farms in Luzon.

Noynoy Aquino went to Zamboanga to seek guidance. Celso Logregat of Zamboanga is there to welcome him. One of their most loyal ally is Jesus Ayala of Davao. One inner circle boy of LP is from Bukidnon, Nerius Acosta.

Gibo Teodoro made his biggest impact on the national scene with his handling of the MILF conflict specially the Kato/Bravo terroristic attack on some villages in Mindanao. His most ardent supporter are from Mindanao. He was recently nominated by Migs Domingues, the Governor of Sarangani Province. I don’t know if the two studied in america at thesame time. They seem to be of the same age.  The two, however, came from wealthy parents, whose Mindanao interest is enormous.

In the 2010 election, one ot the most important issue is the structural reform with our government setup, an issue that Mindanao people so strongly supports. Federalism, autonomy for the Muslim group, is the call of the time. And Mindanao is the loudest caller for this need, and how will these presidential aspirant handle this call is critical. Metro Manila is of course still in the same mood. They dance to the tune of the time, they dance to the PR instigated dance steps, they react to the Gloria-hatred agitation. Mindanao is dancing to the tune that they like, so is Visayas.

The question is; how will the Cojuangco factor play with Mindanao’s concerns.



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