Posted by: luvin | September 7, 2009

Candidates Galore

Despite the withdrawal of Mar Roxas there are still more than 10 interested personalities who would positions themselves to become the next president of the Philippines.

The most laughable of them all is Erap who threatens the fragmented opposition to unite themselve or else he himself will run. I can not blame Erap for his attitude because surveys after surveys, specially those that are paid by him, shows that he is still a force to reckon with even if his chances of regaining the presidency is legally questionable.

Erap has proven himself to be incompetent in running the affairs of the land, but I cannot understand why so many intellectuals (kuno) from UP are still enamored by his leadership. Some are even comparing his stint with that of Ramos. If some of our academics could be charmed to believe the unbelievable, it is understandable why people in the lover echelons of society would think lowly of candidates like Mar Roxas.

Roxas along with Villar, Teodoro, Fernando, and perhaps Binay are the more equipped candidates. All except Villar is languishing at the lower portion of the rating. Of course, when was the time that leadership skill has become the defining element of choosing the president of this country? This is an electoral fact and will continue to be so.

This is one reason why Noynoy Aquino is considered a strong candidate. Honestly, what will Noynoy bring to the table? No vision, not much experience, management skill is questionable, stand on critical national issues is a defeaning silence, decision making is still in the process of consultation with my sisters, and some Sisters in the monastery,…. He is clearly a Cory Magic rewind. A person being swallowed by the PR campaign of some beastly interest, and made to believe that he is the messiah that would solve the country’s problems.

Noynoy’s entry into the presidential derby did not only eliminate one of the better candidates in Mar Roxas, but is also jeopardizing the candidacy of his cousin Gilbert Teodoro. If I am to compare the two, in terms of pedigree, wherewithal, experience, training, educational qualification, and all of those utopian characteristics of a leader, obviously it would be in favor of Teodoro. But, it is Noynoy who is now creating a lot of noise. Even his retreat, in Zamboanga is being follwed by the media and, the telenovela is also being watched intently by the masa.


Bayan Muna… ang ating intindihin. Papaano na ang hacienda Luisita. Kakalimutan na lang ba. Kakainis naman kasi itong ating labandera. Dahil sa kanyang negative charm, pati mga progressive minded groups ay falling into the trap. Placing too much hope, of change coming from an angel.

Bayan, ano ba?

“””” “”  ”

This is just wishful thinking. Noynoy is a reluctant candidate. He knows he is not so qualified (to be civil about qualifications), it should be better for him to do a Mar Roxas thing. Forget about his presidential ambition, forget about his messianic annointment. Just support candidates who are really qualified. Like Bayani Fernando, or his cousin Gilbert Teodoro.



  1. Noynoy qouted a statement of one from Tarlac that goes “puede na muling mangarap.” I say “dapat na tayong gumising” from whising for a magical reforms. lets live in reality and choose the real person with the real qualifications. Lead the country by the use mof wisdom not emotion.

    nice blogs bro.

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