Posted by: luvin | August 16, 2009

National Politics and Mindanao

The conflict in Mindanao, driven by the muslims desire for self determination, is a major problem that major politicians (read; presidentiables) should not pay lip service.

Is this the reason why not one failed to say anything about the recent  military encounter that resulted to the mutilation of some military people? Gilbert Teodoro is the exception since it is within the ambit of his duties as Defence Chief.

Almost a year since the Kato/Bravo attacks, the rebels are headlines again for another killings. So this is the kind of confidence building that our peace loving NGO’s and activist are clamouring for? So this is the confidence building initiatives that would pave the way for a peaceful resolution of  this conflict?

Not a word from these honorable people was uttered to criticize the MILF, why? Of course because they are afraid to get the ire of the muslims who will also vote in the election next year. Are the peace advocates afraid that critical statements will derail the re-started peace negotiation, like what happened with the MOA-AD?

One thing is very clear which I would like to point out. When there were no peace negotiations, the muslim group are creating trouble. When the peace process failed to follow the designed course, the likes of Kato and Bravo went berseck. When the peace negotiation is about to begin, they still make trouble. Conclusion; which ever way we go, these trouble makers will always make trouble. Maybe that is the reason for their existence here on earth.

So tell me now, who knows better about mindanao culture?  Could the likes of Noynoy Aquino solve the problem like Muslim Mindanao?



  1. A study of Islam from its foundings and throughout history leads to thanswer of why Islam always seeks violence, and how to deal with Islam.
    We have to realize that Islam was founded as a warrior society, engagin in raiding of trading caravans in its early years. When the caravans no longer provided the goods to support the growing criminal organization (and it was little more than organized crime) the warriors of Islam moved to raiding cities, then nations.
    In the 8th century AD, Islam had advanced into Europe and was threatening to take over there. They were stopped near Lyon, France, and pushed back to the Mideast.
    Again in the 12th century they had to be pushed back. In the late 1th and early 19th centuries the Newly formed United States had to deal with a militant Islam capturing trade ships and enslaving the crews of those ships.
    Now the entire world is threatened by Islam again. Sadly, the times and people are different today. While history indicates that warfare, and undeniable defeat are the only things Islam understands, the politically correct people insist we can deal with Islam simply by being understanding. It would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. They ask us to be understanding without truly understanding Islam.
    There can be no peace with Islam because Islam will not accept peace, only conquest.

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