Posted by: luvin | July 31, 2009

Peace Talks Again, Where are we in this?

Negotiation for a peaceful settlement of the moro insurgency problem in Mindanao is once again on the go. As a mindanaoan, am I happy for that? Yes because somehow that opens a better window of solving conflicts which is always better than through guns and bombs.

The sad part, however, is that the process is once again following thesame path as all the peace negotiations before. Once again, the negotiation is headed by Manila people,  by people appointed by the powers that be from Malacanang palace. Most of the major players representing the government side is from Luzon with the exception of Dureza who is from Davao. Why can’t anyone from the conflict affected areas participate in this settlement?

Can’t the goverment find one from Cotabato province, one from South Cotabato, one each for Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur, One from Sarangani, one from Sultan Kudarat, one each for every affected provinces…down to Basilan. Will representative from each affected provinces make the negotiation untenable? What I am trying to say is to envolve the affected people in the negotiation.

This really a big blow to the sensibilities of the local people. As  a Mindanaoan, I am envious of the position enjoyed by Malaysia, or even America. Mas maayo pa sila, because they are consulted on how to end this problem. I can understand why Manny Pinol is complaining again about this so called unilateral move by Manila.


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