Posted by: luvin | July 21, 2009

Moving Forward

As a Mindanaoan I would like this country to move forward because where this country goes, Mindanao goes. If this country grows, Mindanao grows. That is a fact contrary to the  flip side that asserts; where Mindanao goes, this country goes.

As a Mindanaoan  I would also like to have a fare share of political power, even at least the power to decide where to go, what to aspire for, how to do it, and most importantly to realize my/our potential and become productive member of this society. If Mindanao should do it her way, it would be more effective because the Mindanaoans who know best what they really want.

But the system that is so rigid is proving to be a hard nut to crack. And even harder is the power welded by few people, the minority elites who controls the destiny of the poor majority. They are the 5% that controls the 95% of the country who could bully their interest into ours.  We the poor mortals would love to move forward, but they won’t allow us, they keep on inventing reasons to have thesame banana over and over.

We desire change. A new system that a federal set up could provide….but would never seem to  happen. Fortunately, this desire to look for something better will never stop. As long as man is alive, he will always try to find some way.  Change will start somewhere, and that glimmer of hope is spark by the plan to automate the election system.

Hope, is once again alive. Unfortunately, some people is going the opposite direction. Represented by a certain Harry Roque, they are petitioning the Supreme Court to stop the automation.

I am tempted to rant, to say what a pity. Is he out of his mind? Does he think he is doing a service to his country?  But apparently, behind this vieled cavalry (in tagalog, kabalbalan), are few greedy individual who think firstly about this self, and second about their wealth and power that tell them to hold on. My question then should be; who exactly is Roque representing?


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