Posted by: luvin | July 13, 2009

My first Chess-Club Tournament

Last weekend, after about five months of relearning chess,  I played in a club tournament to asses how I am progressing with my chess rehabilitation. After five games I won two, and lost three games. I lost one game to a kid, and another winning game was lost to a very simple blunder. A game which I would like to share.

The game opened with d4. I failed to develop as I would like to, and I have to struggle in a close set up. As the middle game approaches, I notice that my opponent is bent on attacking my king side, and I analyzed that he can’t check mate my king from my well entrenched position. And I noticed that he is so eager to to really tryto breakthrough, so I accomadated his aggresiveness, give him some opportunity to attack with the simple plan of winning via his losing time. In the end game, I have about 15 minutes left to his one minute. With no clear attack whatsoever, and he is fast losing time. He is moving rapidly and it affected me. I can feel my heart beating, and I wondered how the tension would affect me since this is my first tournament after a long long time (about 26 years), and my first since I was diagnosed to be hypertensive.

After about five minutes of intesity, lo and behold, I blundered and have my rook captured via the back door. I tried to hold on hoping that time will be my saviour, but the younger player simply thinks quicker, that eventually I lost my game.

I am happy though that even if  I failed to play in the level that I used to play, at least I can say that I can now see some lines, and I can somehow see some beautiful line of attack. If I would rate my game from 1-10, I would like to give my self a 3.


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