Posted by: luvin | June 29, 2009

Will change ever happen?

Change.  That is the catch word today, but will it happen here in the Philippines?

Those who protect the status quo seems to be holding on stronger than ever. Philippines is destined to remain the sick country, the sick economy of Asia, a democracy of the few. It’s sickening.

The flawed system seems to be diagnosed right. But as always, there are millions of reasons why Philippines should remain in its flawed state. Wealth distribution is at its worst. Only about 5% of the population controls about 90% of the nations wealth. Visayas and Mindanao will always be second or third class regions of the country. Still, Manila equals Philippines.

We have a congress that is mal functioning, yet they are the one task to repair their malfunction. We have a senate that proclaims themselves as the more intellectually superior than their lower ranks (lower house representatives) conterparts, but similarly are only politicking.

Changes with the form and system of government will never happen in 50 years. But we have to start somewhere. Lately, I was optimistic that the election will finally be automated.But just as all the rest in this country, it seems to be the same.

I am very very disappointed.


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