Posted by: luvin | June 14, 2009

Who will be Mindanao’s Simon Bolivar?

2010 presidential election is around the corner, and before we know it, a new leader will emerge from the ranks of the presidentiables. But what the heck.

In my younger days, I dream of the day when the poor will have better chances of getting to the top. I was once full of optimism, to someday see my country become the new Singapore. I always dream of seeing my starting point at thesame  point with the rest of the competitors.

But over and over, time after time, I see thesame lemon. Lemon, lemon, lemon. Manila still gets hold of the rest of the country. The elite which are about 5% of the entire population still controls about 90% of the country’s wealth. Moviestars and basketball players are still the idols of the masses. The politicians are still the most knowlegeable person on this part of the globe.

Income level is still horendously unequal. Metro Manila resident still gets the higher economic graces, as if they are more deserving than people in the provinces. If you stay in the province you will be lucky to find a 15 thousand entry level salary. But what can that buy you? That may make you eat three time a week, live a pretty decent life, with not much stress to bother you. But will it buy you a car? 15 thousand salary will  definitely will never allow one provinciano  a car .

We may find a thousand reason why we don’t need a car, but if one has a choice, like owning a car, I am quite certain that people will not argue against owning one. Many people in the provincies are still awed with people who owns a car. It may be a provincial reality, but it is a reality that people in the Metro would just dismiss.

That is the sad reality that I still hope would someday disappear. I hope that a true leader will emerge to finally lead this country through. But who will be this person. Who will be this Simon Bolivar?


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