Posted by: luvin | May 15, 2009

How to choose a leader?

There are natural leaders and made up leaders. The natural leaders are those who have in them the elements of leader, which is difficult to distinguished from leadership qualities which are propagated through PR campaign.

So how do we-the ordinary mortals who were not trained in the modern discipline of brainwashing-are going to defend against the invation or enfluencing being propagated by giant communication experts. We ordinary mortals are prone to fall to tricks being peddled by these experts. It is not far fetched for us to believed what they say.

The battle in the fortcoming presidential election will be the battle of PR practitioners and Advertising firms. True qualities, real skills, or experiences that we should be looking for from leaders will not be the major factors that will determine who our next president will be. The enfluencers will most likely determine that.

So as an ordinary voter, how am I going to select whom to vote?


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