Posted by: luvin | May 5, 2009


Manny Pacquiao has metamorphosed into a two fisted bomber.

I never wrote anything about the MP-Hatton fight because even after the Dela Hoya fight, I already believed that Hatton is perfect for Pacman’s hooks and straights. I never expected Hatton to fall in two rounds, though.

But there appears in the horizon, a boxer who compelled me to write again about boxing and to make some prediction this early. The genetic arrogance of Mayweather Jr is trully polarizing, but I must admit, he has the hateful attitude to make one pay attention to whatever he says. His obnoxious self proclamation notwithstanding, the guy has incredible boxing and promotional skills.

Let me compare him with Manny Pacquiao;

MP has incredible speed. PBF is equally speedy. Manny is quick to accept the challenge from best fighter, Joke Floyd Jr is quick to duck the best fighter. The Pacman is fast to attack his opponent; Floyd is quick to run away from his opponent.

MP lately, has shown good defence. PBF have shown better defensive skills.

PBF has power in his hands; MP has monstrous power in both hands.

PBF is arrogant, boisterous, a polarizing character with an irritating charm; MP is humble, a man of few words, a uniting  and loving charm.

MP makes you feel YOU CAN DO IT; PBF makes you feel helpless.

Finally, if eyes is the window of one’s soul, a look at MP’s it is easy to say he is FEARLESS; with Mayweather’s he is AFRAID.


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