Posted by: luvin | March 25, 2009

Blair and Blast

The other day, Tony Blair’s name was the headline for most of our broadsheets and major tv networks.  Floated as a possible advisor to the peace panel to negotiate with the MILF, his experience in settling the Ireland conflict became the focal reason for the demand of his persona.

Simulatneously, too, Kidapawan City-the capital of Cotabato province was on the news because of a bomb explosion. Luckily, there were no fatalities in the said explosion. The drama continues, and the struggle is still on going. The provincial board of Cotabato province have passed a resolution that sounded like an opposition to the idea of having Tony Blair as an advisor to the peace negotiation.

I can understand why the local leaders would have this kind of attitude. If I am a local leader, I would also do thesame. Why should the national government invite the presence of a foreigner who have a pheriperal knowledge of the Mindanao conflict, but bothers the least to consult the local people or have some local representative to the ongoing peace process? Do Tony Blair know that when Kidapawan City was bombed, a retaliatory action was taken by the people who were affected by this terroristic action. A grenade was also thrown to a muslim community in the city. I think the hatred, the emotional distress, is too, alien to be understood. One has to live where the turmoil is, to trully understand the sentiments of the people.

The MILF leadership, on the contrary welcomes the idea of having Blair in the team. Of course. The presence of a Tony Blair, a former British Prime Minister would give the moro struggle its long desired international recognition.

The MILF, or the moro leadership, wants Blair, the local leadership rejects the idea. The Moros make a move to win their struggle, the local people makes a defense to make their lives more secure. With this attitude from both sides this struggle will see no light in the near future.

I have no problem with that. But as I always mention, bombs should stop exploding, specially in civilian communities. The Moro leaders should realize that a tipping point has already been reached. This is similar to the killings in the 70’s. That for every bomb that explodes in christian communities, they should expect a similar explosion in muslim communities. The moro leaders should realize, that as their terroristic actions continues, the more that they are allienating themselves with the non moros.

The moros should come out their stereotype. They should be creative enough to look for other ways  to fight their wars. Bombs and guns will never give them the victory they so desired. If they are so good, why can’t they find other means.


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