Posted by: luvin | February 13, 2009

Peace Process in the Love Month

Perhaps the government is really in love in finding a permanent solution to the history old  conflict in Mindanao because this February there are already several intiatives towards this endeavor.

If that is so, I am not one to complain. Today, february 13 PGMA is in Amas, Kidapawan City, the home turf of the braveheart Manny Pinol of N. Cotabato who last year almost singlehandidly carried the fight against the signing of the MOA-AD. One of the reason the president of the republic visited N. Cot was to discuss the resumption of the peace talks with the MILF. I am not aware though of what really happened inside because even media people are not allowed entry. But the fact that this initial action that maybe, because I am not sure if it is really a consultation about the peace process or a consultation about the possible merger of Lakas and Kampi, is about the possible resumption of the peace talks, then this is a good move on the part of the government to rally the support of the local people, inform them or their leaders about events that may affect their lives, and to finally allow them to participate in the peace process.

I would like to see Mindanao leaders like Manny Pinol, Father Mercado, Capalla, Emano, Lobregat…to be given equal time and authority to participate in the process. I would prefer to see them instead of the likes of Esperon, or any other experts from Manila, like say some “peace loving citizen from Ateneo” in the negotiating table.

This time I hope that the process should really be delocalized. There are a lot of capable people here in Mindanao who could bargain for themselves, who could fight for what is right for them, who have enough expertise to know what is good for the Muslims and the christians.  There are more experts here who knows the complex play of love and hate between the lumads, the muslims and the christians, than all the experts in Luzon gathered together.  The people of Mindanao understands better the problems that beset their island more than the foriegn trained experts by the Pasig river, or those from UP, Ateneo, La Salle…

I would love to see this conflict being resolve by people who are directly affected by this senseless war. This is not a war between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Republic of the Philippines, but a war between the a small but armed muslim group and those who are already economically progressing people of Mindanao. This is a war between the original rights of the original inhabitants (the lumad), their muslim colonizer, and the rights of the colono from Visayas and Mindanao.

If the muslims have the right to claim ownership of the land (of Mindanao) which was originally owned by the lumads, then the christian and non christian settlers from Luzon and Visayas have earned their rights to own some of the lands here in Mindanao.  The cultural dividing lines between the muslim and christians here in Mindanao have thinned dramatically during the last two decades, that give us more reason to be more positive and resolve to finally find a lasting solution to this empasse.


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